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Starting Over

blog drama this week, you know I’ve been through some changes with this blog lately.

The database got locked down again yesterday. The odd thing was that I didn’t touch the admin yesterday. I wrote a few posts the night before and scheduled them to post throughout the day. Oddly enough, I haven’t posted anything today and the database didn’t blow up. That kind of underscores what the tech support person I talked to last night explained to me: the problem wasn’t the amount of traffic I’ve been getting. Intead it was the amount of content I have, combined with some coding that sent WordPress trolling through some 800,000 rows of data in MySQL.

So, my host gave me a reprieve of sorts by moving my database to a less populated server, where it wouldn’t cause such a ruckus. That, and the fact that I haven’t posted anything in over 24 hours is about all that’s kept this site live. It also bought me some time. I’ve spent the last few days exploring other blogging platforms and, as you can probably tell, I’ve found one.First of all, before I go any further, I have to give a huge thank you to my co-worker Jason, who did an awful lot to help me during his spare moments over the last few days, and walked me through the process of making the switch and salvaging my content. I also want to thank Scott and Steve for offering to lend a hand, and everyone else who either expressed support or listened to me stress about it.

As I perused potential new blogging platforms, I became intrigued by two. Nucleus and Pivot. I was intrigued by Nucleus because it had quite a few plugins and boasted of being able to handle huge sites with lots of content. Pivot got my attention because it doesn’t require an external database to work; instead it stores posts and stuff in flat files. Needless to say, given my recent database woes, I was reluctant to dip into those waters again lest I find myself in the same boat.

Both Nucleus and Pivot also had WordPress migration scripts. Another plus. Nucleus however would import my posts and categories, but not the old content. (Jason discovered that and figured it must be some character(s) in the comments throwing the script out of whack. Pivot imported all of my posts and the comments, but not the categories. And along with the comments came an awful lot of spam comments that WordPress must have marked as such and unpublished but never purged from the database (maybe one reason why there was so much content in there?).

In the end, I chose Pivot, because I figured I could accept having to create new categories from here on out, and because I figured I could just weed out and delete old spam comments. (I’ve already gotten rid of nearly 1,000 of them this afternoon.) I’ve spent the last few days learning the ins and outs of Pivot (with lots of help and advice from Jason), and customizing the new Pivot-powered blog. I’ve got it set up pretty much how I want it for now. My only regret is that I couldn’t avoid having all my old permalinks change. But I figure Technorati, Google, and the rest will find the new permalinks eventually. Plus, I’ll probably redirect links to some of the more popular posts in the archives.
Later — when I’ve had some time to recover — I’ll post just how I managed to migrate from WordPress to Pivot ]]>

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