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Data Dumped

previous poll may be pointless. I’ve spent the better part of last night and today trying to import my old content into a new WP install on my host, for an site where the old content would be easily found.

You can see the results of my work at It’s been a collosal waste of time and energy. At this point, I think my old content is lost to any useful access beyond being archived and searchable here. I’ve been emailing with my host’s tech support all day, also to no avail. I get different answers from a different person with each reply.

What it comes down to is that I’ve apparently gotten caught in the perfect storm of using one of the top blogging platforms and a host that can’t handle the amount of content I have. At least that’s the diagnosis I’ve gotten from my host’s tech support and a few other techie friends I’ve consulted. I suppose I should have written less and posted less often over the last few years if I didn’t want to have any problems so I also got wordpress accessibility to bolster my defenses.

At this point I’m not sure exactly what to do as far as continuing this blog and keeping the old content available. I’m seriously considering going back to Typepad and somehow linking to the current incarnation of this blog as an archive site. It’s either that or pay someone to unravel it all. And I’ve no idea how much time or money that would take. ]]>

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