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And We’re Back

So, yeah. I’ve completed the transition into a fresh, clean, new blog. I ended up going with a new WordPress installation because, frankly, there are some interesting platforms out there, but I wasn’t able to fine one that had a theme I liked. Textpattern holds some promise, though, if they make their templating system easier. In the meantime, I’m hoping that moving my old content to and starting with a fresh database will be less taxing on Wordpres and MySQL. After all, I’m down several hundred thousand rows of data now, and the site’s cached (as it was before).

I’ve had help from several people on this, from my hosting company to technically talented friends of mine. From all of them — who looked at my database and site configuration — the verdict was that the problem was something in WordPress code that was causing the database load. Interestingly enough, it didn’t seem to be the traffic that was the problem. It happened whenever I posted something. I went a day or two without posting, and nothing happened. Then I wrote a few posts in WordPress and scheduled them to post the next day since I was going to be busy. That’s when all hell broke loose. Every time something posted.

So, I’m hopefull that the new set-up will improve things. I’m also optimistic that whatever the coding problem was, it will be fixed in an upcoming version of WordPress. I hope so anyway. If not, well, I now know several ways to get my data out of WordPress and into another platform. Maybe I’ll do a series of posts on those platforms and my experience with each of them.

For now, I have to update the new site with an actual blogroll and a few other thing. Also, my apologies to folks whose comments didn’t make the transition into the new set-up. Actually, none of them did.


  1. oh yes terrance i really like this layout better than the one you had-the purples had my head achin’. good job

  2. Good to see you back, congrats on getting the bugs worked out. I love the new look–anything Michael does is a favorite of mine 🙂