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Blogger Profile on Politics TV

Me on PoliticsTV

The blogger profile I taped at PoliticsTV is up. There's an introduction and then four segements on various other issues of the day. (I didn't realize I'd talked so much!) It was fun to do, and I hope I get to do more with PoilticsTV.


  1. Good job Terrance.

  2. Thanks. I’m starting to get over the urge to run from the room when I see myself on video. Now I just sit there and think to myself “Man, I have a huge forehead.”

    Note to self: set aside some $$$ for botox.

  3. If a big forehead is the worst thing you think, or people can say about you. You’re doing ok.

    I say screw the botox, let your body age naturally. With age comes wisdom. Old age and wisdom beats youth and exuberance every time.