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Nuts on Top

Matt points out this bit of weirdness in the upper echelons of the Bush administration.

In some ways, the two are a bit of an odd couple. Mr. Paulson is very much of an alpha male: he will challenge colleagues to wrestling matches and once halted a game of paddle tennis to vomit before resuming play and winning the match.

I’ll agree with Matt that this is not normal behavior, or even normal competitive behavior, but I’ll also go him one better.

I’ll probably get in trouble for saying this, but wrestling between grown men — outside of a professional wrestling arena (and even then it’s a stretch) — seems like going to an awful lot of trouble just to cop a feel on the sly. But then I always thought the same of westerns, with all those cowboys and their guns. You really have to work at not seeing the homoeroticism behind all that.

Why not just get a room already?

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