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On the House

P6030001.JPGAnother quick update on the house. The landscaping is in! (That’s a birch tree in the front yard, just off the porch. I’ll be able to see it from the office.) And we’re closing in on closing, which is scheduled for a week from Monday. The week after that, we move in. Fortunately, we’re already half packed. When we moved into the rental, we didn’t bother unpacking anything we didn’t need. So it’s all in boxes in the basement.

There were some painters there this afternoon, doing touch-up painting. They had the front door open — it’s been locked since countertops in the kitchen went in — so I snuck inside. I didn’t take any interior shots, but I couldn’t resist getting a peek at the kitchen. I am so looking forward to having a fully functional kitchen again, as I love to cook and haven’t done as much of it since the move.

So, in less than a month we’ll be in the house. And, barring any unforeseen circumstances, I don’t plan to move again until Parker and sibling-to-be are at least out of high school. And I may just stay put even after that.

I guess that means I’m putting down roots.


  1. careful with the birch they can grow damn fast. i planted a few about 3 years ago and they are already so big that i had to cut the middle one down.
    (as a hippy, cutting down trees is antithetical to my senbsibilities…but they were just too big)
    p.s. congrats on “the roots”

  2. I’m so happy for you! Have fun.