The Republic of T.

Black. Gay. Father. Vegetarian. Buddhist. Liberal.

Mysterious Ways

What’s going on with the “guy or gal upstairs” these days? First a woman is struck by lightning while praying. Now a man is killed by a lioness after invoking “god.”


  1. Mr T

    I am bored up here. That’s why I am throwing bolts of lightning and making [no urging] lions to attack human folk!

    Yours truly

    The man/ woman upstairs

  2. Furthermore

    It’s true… The Devil has all the best tunes!

    I just have white, middle clarse, christian folk, drenched in bling, sitting in the kitchen [and at parties too] worshipping me.

    Give God a break!

  3. Meanwhile

    …Goddess will shake her tits [once she learns how from The Divine Miss M]

    Chow Baby