The Republic of T.

Black. Gay. Father. Vegetarian. Buddhist. Liberal.

The Sad Part Is…

Some people won’t think this is a joke.


Because to them it isn’t.

Via Keith.

One Comment

  1. Just because one shares the same skin colour, ethnicity, race or what have you… doesn’t mean we share the same humanitarian values.

    It’s easier when the enemy is easily identifiable.. as the other, e.g. white racist supremacist, but not so easy when the enemey shares your skin colour, then proceeds to denounce your sexuality.

    At that point, one ceases to share anything.

    The really sick thing, is how forgetful people are of their own past and continuing oppression at the hands of [insert your favourite oppressor here] and then proceed to arse lick the arse [replete with amens and hallelujahs] of the ruling power [again: insert your favourite oppressor here]…

    The comic might be a joke…. but the fact is, that is illustrates something that is very real…… not just in race, but also ethnicity, class…. and while many of us won’t see it as funny [COS I DON’T… the joke is too painful], thereare just as many who DON’T [or should I say WON’T GET IT EITHER.