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Million Marble March

This is a hoot. One of the things I love about progressives is their sense of humor. (Hey, conservatives think Guantanamo is hilarious.) But this has to be the funniest protest of the Federal Marriage Amendment I’ve heard yet.

In response to President George Bush’s push for a Constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage,, a dating site for liberal activists, has announced the “Million Marble March,” a campaign to send marbles to the White House to replace the ones Bush ‘has lost’.

“The President has clearly lost his marbles, and we want to help him find them,” said John Hlinko, founder of “With Americans concerned about the war in Iraq, the continued threat of Al Qaeda, soaring gas prices, and immigration, George Bush has chosen to focus on gay marriage. The question must be asked – has he gone nuts? Has he lost his marbles?”

For the rest of June, will send one marble to the White House for each new member who signs up (for free) for the service – and two marbles for each one who signs up to search for a same sex partner.

“Captain Queeg was obsessed with strawberries, Captain Ahab was obsessed with Moby Dick, and our commander in chief is obsessed with… gay marriage,” said Hlinko. “Well, we look forward to helping him find his marbles – and hopefully to helping match up as many same sex couples as possible in the process.”

Go sign up. (Hey, I’m not even single and Im’ signing up and searching just so Dubya can get two marbles on my behalf.) After all it’s free, and fun virtual protest.

And if you’re single, maybe you’ll find love and end up making some little progressives. (We need more, please.) It can happen. After all, the hubby and I met via online personals…


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  2. Hey there! Just wanted to thank you for helping spread the word about this. The marbles are piling up as we speak, thanks to good folks like you. 🙂