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Hadji Girl

With apologies to In Living Color and Calhoun Tubbs, upon hearing about the little ditty about killing Iraqis, the first thing to some to mind was Tubbs’ stock saying. “Killing Iraqi civilians. Wrote a song about it. Like to hear it? Here it goes.”

In a four-minute video called “Hadji Girl,” a singer who appears to be a Marine tells a cheering audience about gunning down members of an Iraqi woman’s family after they confront him with automatic weapons.

Belile, 23, apologized and said the song was not tied in any way to allegations that Marines killed as many as two dozen unarmed civilians in Haditha last year.

A Marine spokesman said Tuesday that officers were investigating.

… ‘Hadji Girl’ tells a story of a Marine who falls in love with an Iraqi girl and is taken to meet her family. The girl’s family shoots her and then attacks the Marine, who uses her younger sister as a shield and watches blood spray from her head.

He then sings about blowing the father and brother “to eternity.”

“I think it was a joke that is trying to be taken seriously,” said Belile, who learned the video was on the Internet after he returned from Iraq in March.

The title of the song is a giveaway of sorts. “Hadji” is not exactly a term of endearment as used by some of our troops in Iraq. Like I said before, if we’re wondering where Belile and his comrades got the idea that something like this could be a joke, we need look no further than ourselves.


  1. I think its ridiculous that people are taking this song so seriously, “hadji girl” is the funniest song I’ve heard in a long time. People need to relax. The Marines were just blowing off some steam. Calm down and stop being takingt hings so seriously.

  2. The kid was just trying to entertain the troops in
    Iraq. He never meant any harm. Believe me, I know him and love him and there isn’t a mean bone in his body. Are the Marines frustrated about people in Iraq that ambush Marines who are there to save their lives? Yes. Are the Marines mean to the common population? No. Look at the sacrifices these kids have gone through for a belief they feel strongly about….democracy. They are willing to volunteer to put their lives on the line to protect everyone else. Please take a good hard look at yourselves before you judge.

  3. While the Hadji song and video may be in poor taste we need to keep it in perspective.

    A few things are missing from the critical discussion. First is that the subjects were trying to kill the Marine. Further, anyone who knows anyhing at all knows NO US Marine would ever use a girl or child as a shield, period.

    It’s easy for the critics to sit on their safe-at-home butts and dump on the guys and gals who are doing the heavy lifting in a war zone where they have seen their share of atrocity.

    Let the critics show their outrage at the daily terrorist bombings and killings of innocent civiians rather than what the Marines laugh at when they are off duty.

  4. He sang a song of questionable content. Irresponsible? Yes. Criminal? Hardly.

  5. I couldn’t agree more guys. I has in the Marines for 4 years and got out in Feb.05. Clear some things up for the people who have no idea what they are talking about, as usual.

    Hadji (Haji) is just our generic term for muslim ppl- not necassarily derrogatory in any way, although it can be.

    If you haven’t been in the US military, especially in the Marine Corps, I see now way that you can possibly understand the mentality or the normal everyday Marine. Therefore, not understanding how we think that video is funny as hell. And fairly well put together, I might add.

    The Marine singing the song didn’t even know it was being recorded- this is not fact, but I would put money on it- And, if this wasn’t recorded, and never made it out of the MWR where it was most likely played, nothing would have ever come of it.

    The whole Dirka Dirka thing- is from Team America World Police… In case you haven’t seen it.

    Thats about all I got. I just think its too bad that this Marine will probably be crucified at the hands of the media, CAIR, and the stupid brass in the Marine Corps itself. They are so kiss ass that they will do anything for the next rank and have no backbone. They are all “YES” men. It’s really sad. I know that there are probably some spelling errors, and such, but you get the point. What else would you expect from a dumb jarhead… lol

  6. “Hadji Girl” is a song about marine who falls in love with an Iraqi girl and then is lured by her into an ambush by her father and brothers.

    The marine grabs the girls sister but it doesn’t stop the father and brothers from shooting at them. The girl gets killed by her own family.

    The MSM, CAIR and liberals have once again prejudged American soldiers without having digested the facts.

  7. Well, if the guy was just singing this song in the barracks it might not have amounted to much, in fact I’m sure marines and soldiers engage in a lot rougher talk and perhaps even song and poetry in their barracks or in the field.

    The rub is the guy posted it on YOUTUBE. That makes it everyone’s business and it is not everyone in the world’s business or desire to understand the peculiarities of marine barrack humor or to sympathize with their angst.

    US forces have killed around 250,000 Iraqis. Overwhelmingly the Iraqi people want to see these liberators leave ASAP. Even the president of Iraq complains about the conduct of our soldiers there. NO, this guy has stepped in it and so has this country. Every defense of the video and it’s star performer further alienates all Americans from the esteem of decent humanity worldwide.

  8. I thought this was actually pretty funny. I even copied the link and sent it to as many people I know that have been over there. See what some people out there don’t know is, activities like this, are what keep us going over there. When everyday is like “groundhog’s day”, you look for something new. So this guys makes his fellow comrades laugh, I am sure the insurgent’s that BOOMBED my chow hall in December of 2004 killing 27 marines, soldiers and civilians were laughing also….so boo f-ing hoo

  9. Guys, you are right the terrorists are just as bad, even worse sometimes. Cpl. Clarke and others, yes the corps is 100% behind this guy. You get these stuffed shirt armchair soldiers who enjoy renting Full Metal Jacket and wave the flag at their neighbours but they still dont get what Marines are trained to do.

    I think what is really hurting the corps is the libs closing this morale boosting site which really helped people let of steam anonymously:

    (caution this site shows what the war is really like at the front line)

    If the website discussed were still up this problem might never have occured. And if anything , I think the song, even with the correct lyrics, shows less direspect to Iraqi civilains in comparison. So thats why we should stay the course, because at this rate it will only take a few centuries before we start actually doing the surviving Hadjis some good. How long did they expect it to take, like being public servants for Arabs is supposed to be a job for the marines?

  10. eugene,
    so I guess the marine should have had some forethought by checking everyone at their tent hatch with a video camera phone so that nothing could be placed on the internet to cause an international incident–because you would have thought of this idea at the tender age of 20, huh? This was a private little party inside their BARRACKS tent on their freakin OFF-time!!! Get it? You ever been drunk at a party and done somethin entirely stupid– probably not by the way it sounds, which is why you are probably a little virgin andreally dont have a freakin CLUE as to what it’s like to have the stress of a WAR around you you friggin moron!