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Stonewall Weekly: The First DailyKos LGBT Diary Rescue

Ed. Note: Crossposted from my DailyKos diary, in case any readers here are interested in checking out the collected posts and diaries..

Welcome to my first attempt at an LGBT diary rescue. I still haven’t decided, by the way, what to call it. I’m going with the "Stonewall Weekly" title for now, though I’ve toyed with "QueerlyKos" as a possible title since the inspiration for this project came of out my experience at YearlyKos.

The desire to do this sprang from my feeling that while LGBT voices are indeed present on netroots sites like this one and MyDD, we end up being part of the mix but not being amplified. My hope is that through this diary rescue that will happen, and the result will be that diaries addressing our issues will be easier for everyone to find, and that people might get to read something that would otherwise have slipped under their radar.

I compiled the diary entries by subscribing too the RSS feeds for various tags like "gay rights," "gay marriage," "LGBT," etc., and picking the ones that jumped out at me. I’m sure there are some that slipped by me nonetheless, so please feel free to add your recommendations in the comments or email them to me at the address in my profile.

In the future I might try to wrap this in a post with a specific theme, but for now, here are the diaries (and related blog posts, etc.) that caught my eye this week.

  • In an earlier post, Kos mentioned the netroots takeover of the Texas Democratic party and the resulting platform. As a result, the platform included a statement in support of lesbian & gay equality.
    "Loving Day," which is named for the case in which the Supreme Court overturned state laws against interracial marriage, was earlier this week and jethropalerobber acknowledged it with a post about an eerily familiar red and blue map.
    After that "first date" in Las Vegas, Lestatdelc asks "Why is it so hard for guys like Warner to stand up?"
  • Speaking of stand-up guys, rhubarb reports on how Sen. Russ Feingold — an outspoken proponent of marriage equality, who was doing outreach at D.C.’s Capitol Pride while we were in Vegas — brought the crowd at the DPW convention to its feet several times.
    I admit I was tickled by news that KnowThyNeighbor.Org has sprung up in Florida. But carneasadaburrito notes there may be a downside to outing anti-gay marriage proponents.
  • The Senate debate on the FMA was not, according to andydoubtless, a victory for Democrats or their LGBT constituents as it was more of "the same old thing." And RichardR interprets the debate and vote as a Republican victory.
  • Meanwhile, in response to andydoubtless’s diary, Arturo52 offers some first steps towards actually winning the marriage debate, including outreach to Republican voters who "felt bad pulling the lever for the ballot measures on same-sex marriage, but figured that it maybe wasn’t THAT important."
  • Where Arturo52 starts out suggesting that we need gay organizations like HRC to "need to get off their asses" and "stop supporting Republican candidates," obJeff effectively debunks HRC’s pathetic defense of their Joe Lieberman endorsement — complete with links to news stories undermining HRC’s claims that Lieberman hasn’t made antigay statements.


    Almost as if in answer to Arturo52’s last statement, Stephen H. Miller of the gay conservative Independent Gay Forum declares conservatives "not a lost cause" on gay issues, and points to Eve Tushnet’s critical NRO piece on — the ex-gay "Love Won Out" conference recently held near D.C. — as evidence.
    In my own diary entry, I responded to lestatdelc’s post by pointing out how and why Republicans may be running out of time to score any more points with the same-sex marriage issues. And they know it, which is probably why they’re considering rallying state legislatures to support a constitutional convention to pass their hateful amendment.
    A constitutional amendment may be moot anyway since, as hartboy points out, marriage is already pretty gay.
    Finally, I was amused to find one of my earlier posts is now the lone diary entry tagged "gay complaints cost elections,"  which leads me to ask this: Is it really that case that LGBT Dems/progressives (and other "one-issue groups") just need to clap louder in order for Dems to win?

That’s all I got for now. But, like I said, there’s probably more out there I simply forgot to include. So, if you have recommendations, leave them in the comments. And if you come across anything you want to see spotlighted next week, drop me an email.

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