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We’re In

06-19-06 2004

We’re in. Except for a few minor items we’ll pick up from the old place this evening, we’re officially moved into the new house. All in all, it was a great move.

We used the same movers I’ve used for every move I’ve made in D.C., so that guaranteed nothing was broken or stolen. (If you’re ever moving from one place to another in the Metro D.C. area I recommend John Henry Movers. They’ve never done me wrong.)

I got to the new place early to open it up and wait for Verizon to get the phone line hooked up. (Yes, we still have a landline. The hubby’s old fashioned that way.) Then got the dial tone on the NID, and packed up. They guy said their job was done and if I wanted the dial tone in the house, I’d have to call a contractor or make another appointment with Verizon. Fortunately, I was standing on the porch talking to a neighbor (who turned out to be a former coworker from the Kennedy Center) who happened to be a pretty good electrician. He went and got his tools, and a short while later we had a dial tone in the house

We have great neighbors. (That includes the neighbor who dropped off a house plant as a welcome gift, and the couple whose back yard touches ours — they have a three year old that Parker immediately hit it off with.)

Plus, for the first time ever, I actually moved and got high speed internet the same day. The guy from Comcast worked in the pouring rain, but he got my connection up and running. Now DirectTV has to show up and get that going, and we’ll be completely wired.

I hear a lot of political stories broke yesterday. I guess I’ll have to play catch-up between unpacking boxes.


  1. Congrats on the new home!

  2. Congrats! That is so awesome. How’s the unpacking coming?

  3. Congrats!! Good luck finding everything over the next couple weeks. LOL!!

  4. This is sooooo cool! Congrats!