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Queerly Kos: Another LGBT Diary Rescue

Crossposted from my DailyKos diary.

It’s that time again. You’ll note from the title that I’ve taken a cue from commenters on last week’s diary rescue and have hereby dubbed it “Queerly Kos.” (And, no, that’s nothing to do with the various rumors on the internets.) The week started out in disturbing fashion for me, as I received an email from a friend on Monday informing me that his partner had passed suddenly passed away and giving me the dates for the funeral and internment. That was bad enough, but it got worse when he told me later that after finding out that his husband collapsed at work, he raced to the hospital only to be told upon arriving at the ER that they couldn’t give him any information because he was not “next of kin.”

A day later I read the story of Rob and Jay, a gay couple in Connecticut with 30 years together, and a civil union between them. Long story short, Rob has ALS and when he dies Jay will likely lose their home because they lack the federal marriage benefits — including Social Security and pension inheritance and low-to-no taxes on inherited estates that are considered taxable “gifts” between same-sex partners — that might allow a surviving heterosexual spouse to keep the home. Not what you would call “important shit.” Right? Happens every day, though.

And with that, let’s on to the diaries.

  • Staying with the marriage debate for a minute, check out the diary from dennisl, in which he breaks the existing constitutional amendments into categories (with interesting results) to support a conservative argument against the Federal Marriage Amendment.
  • Father’s day rolled around on Sunday, and as a gay dad I was intrigued to find (via Damn Straight) a link to Two World Collision, where Eric reflected on the breakup of his parents’ marriage and his dad’s homosexuality and how both affected his chose to be out about his sexuality.
  • Also check out the Damn Straight post about how gay families don’t always or shouldn’t always have to be “picture perfect.”  The author, daughter of two gay dads, sums it all up with “We’re not picture perfect. We’re a family.”
  • Plays in Traffic posted an interesting diary on marriage as well. It’s under attack by activist judges again who want to let 15-year-olds marry each other. What’s next? Marrying snakes?
  • Davidelf2 has an interesting question concerning the Episcopal church, which flip-flopped on ordaining gay bishops this week, deciding one day to stand up for gays & lesbians in the denomination and then the next day deciding to stand down in the name of unity. Hmm. Gays getting sold down the river in the name of “unity.” One less difference between religion and politics, I guess.
  • And while we’re on the subject of religion, check out tvb’s diary on the weird exchange between a Fox News anchor and a spokesperson for Fred Phelps’ Westboro Baptist Church. Since when did the media arm of the Bush administration start embracing homos? If they’re going to continue butting heads with wingnuts over this issue, I’d recommend mlisle’s diary on how to talk about gays with christians. Not that it would do much good with the Phelps gang.
  • And as long as we’re discussing religious extremists, Queerty notes that Muslim cleric Yusuf Qardarwi has determined the best way to kill a homosexual. Meanwhile both Good as You and Pam’s House Blend note that Rev. William Gay beseeched the Southern Baptist Convention to make ministers stop using the word “gay” to describe homosexuals. To no avail, I might add.
  • On the subject of violence, zuzu at Feministe notes that TransJustice in NYC was denied a permit to march and rally during NYC’s pride parade as part of a Trans Action Day response to the gaybashing of performer Kevin Aviance, but on TransMarch is taking place on the other side of the country.
  • Continuing further south, Gay Orbit points out that Georgia (my state of origin, BTW) is basically rock bottom when it comes to supporting same-sex marriage and civil unions. That’s probably why one Democratic candidate for governor supports the state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. But she still takes contributions from gay people. Meanwhile The Dupont posts a letter (via Andrew Sullivan) from gay man in Alabama. It’s a must read. 
  • On the subject of governor’s races, the only candidate on record as opposing a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage dropped out of the Maryland governor’s race. That leaves the Republican incumbent who supports the amendment and the remaining Democratic front runner who can’t bring himself to oppose it.
  • Staying south and heading west, teleporno links (and links and links) to the story of the lesbian teacher in Texas who was fired (allegedly) because of her online art gallery.
  • Despite all of the above, the Democratic Daily links to a column by Cokie & Steve Roberts suggesting that the over all trend is towards support for same-sex marriage and civil. Perhaps time, if nothing else, really is on our side.
  • The aforementioned progressive trend notwithstanding, Wharton notes that the backwards-looking DOD still thinks queers are sick in the head.
  • Finally, as for what we’re going to do about it all, RichardR asks “What happened to gay activism?”

That what I managed to catch, from a week of blog reading, in the sieve that is my mind. Surely there’s lots more that slipped through. If you caught something I didn’t, mention it in the comments. And if during the week you spot something I’m likely to miss, drop me an email at the address in my profile or via the contact page on my blog.

‘Til next week!


  1. I just wanted to take a second and thank you for QKos. I saw it over on Daily Kos and was hoping you would cross post it here.

    QKos is just the sort of thing we need and you’re just perfect for the job.

    Thank you.
    No I mean it THANK YOU

  2. Thanks! My initial idea was to start a Kos-like LGBT netroots site. But I was persuaded that something like this might be the best way to start. So I’ll keep it up and see what happens.

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