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Connected Enthusiast Boomer?

I’m not sure what to make of this. What do Madonna, Ceilne Dione, Shirley MacLaine and I all have in common? According to this survey, we’re all connected enthusiasts.


And if you need further explanation:

Your individual position among the social values tribes is plotted as a dot on our map of sociocultural values above this text. Your individual position plot on the map can be interpreted along two major explanatory dimensions, or axes of social values. The first axis, shown here as the horizontal or x-axis, describes a general orientation of values toward being either socially or individually predisposed, that is, either “Social” or “Individual”. The second axis of explanation of social values, shown here as the vertical or y-axis, describes a general orientation toward the acceptance versus rejection of long-standing social norms in society that is either deferential, labelled “Tradition”, or questioning, labelled “Modern”.

Taken together, these two axes form four general quadrants of explanation or meaning underlying people’s values. Canadians in the upper right are fundamentally motivated by needs for stability, security and financial independence in their lives. Those in the upper left most seek social status, and traditional communities and institutions. Meanwhile, those with values that place them in the lower right primarily search for personal control and self-fulfillment. And finally, Canadians in the lower left pursue, above all else, novelty, new experiences and new frontiers.

The average position of your tribe as a whole, as well as the positions of the other tribes in your age range, are also shown. If you are a Pre-Boomer, born before 1946, there are three tribes in your age “cohort” (or range); if you are a Boomer, born between 1946 and 1966 inclusive, there are four tribes among your age peers; and it you were born after 1966, you are a GenXer, with an even more diverse number of six different social values tribes in your age range.

OK. But I was a little taken aback to find myself categorized among the baby boomers, since my birthdate places me among the first members of Generation X. I guess that means I’m somewhere on the cusp between the two, just like I was born on the cusp of pisces and aquarius.

Maybe that just means I have aspects of both. Of course, that’s if you take either categorization seriously. After all, as Kevin Drum noted, if you ask someone a bunch of questions about their social attitudes then you ought to be able to turn around and tell them what their social attitudes are. For what it’s worth, I think they got me about right this time.

Via Battlepanda.


  1. This fits me pretty well

    Autonomous Rebels

    Incidence in Population

    Proportion of Canadian population: 11 per cent
    Proportion of Boomers: 27 per cent
    Other Demographics

    Higher than average proportion in British Columbia
    Higher than average incomes
    Higher than average proportion have completed post-secondary education
    Higher than average proportion are professionals
    Fundamental Motivations

    Personal Autonomy and Self-fulfillment

    Key Values

    Scepticism toward Traditional Institutions
    Question Authority
    Words to Live By

    Knowledge is power
    I did it my way
    The personal is political
    Governor General Adrienne Clarkson
    Philosopher and critic Mark Kingwell
    Talk show host Pamela Wallin
    Environmentalist David Suzuki
    Hillary and Bill Clinton
    Martin Luther King Jr.
    Gloria Steinem
    John Lennon

    Money Orientation

    Making it: I want my work to mean something, but I don’t want it to mean everything.

    Spending it: No frills, just function; will pay for quality and convenience.

    Saving it: Gotta risk some to make some; I know what I’m doing.

    Giving it away: Medical and social causes.

    Stealing it: Depends on the situation, but don’t cheat the little guy.

  2. damn i was a social hedonist or an autonomous post-materialist.

    should i be offended?