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Any Minute Now

Breaking: Gay marriages in the UK reach 6,500. Hetero marriages still intact. No signs of imminent apocalypse reported. Oceans not boiling. Mountains not crumbling. Civilization still stands. I guess "god" hasn’t picked up his messages yet.

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  1. LOL, your article reminded me of this hilarious article which I found when gay marriage was still happening in SF. I had it printed out and stuck to my cubicle wall for ages:

    The amazing thing for me is that here in the UK there’s been almost no reaction to the introduction of civil partnerships. The only interesting news stories have been Elton John’s wedding and the recent move by a Canadian couple to challenge the fact they are only being offered a civil partnership (on moving to the UK) when in Canada they have full marriage.

    The UK has been ready for the introduction of gay marriage for a while now, socially. The legislation was almost an afterthought, formalising what had already been accepted by the general populace.

    Compare to South Africa, where admittedly a lot of legislation over the last decade has been cutting edge — pushing the boundaries of what the country will accept. I think it will be very interesting to see the reaction there when gay marriages start happening.