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On Rush Limbaugh’s Penis

I know it was only yesterday that Rush Limbaugh was held for having Viagra without a prescription, while making his way through customs at Palm Beach airport. And I know that the last thing anybody wants to think about first thing in the morning is Rush Limbaugh with an erection. But, as Todd and Ian point out, Rush has been rather hard on medical marijuana users and people who bring drugs into this country. So I’m disinclined to avoid speculation where Rush in concerned.

Besides John points out over at Americablog, it feels like there’s something missing from the story. I’ve been waiting for someone to point it out; ask the obvious question. What was Rush doing in the Dominican Republic? Why was he returning from a country known for its thriving sex trade, with a bottle of Viagra that didn’t have his name on it?

According to his Wikipedia profile, Rush is a single man at the moment. He’s between girlfriends and divorces at the moment, so as far as I’m concerned he can do what he wants. (And, as the American Street points out, he’s very generous with his affections.) While I’m inclined to wonder how a guy like Rush gets laid at all, my guess is that money, power and celebrity help a lot where personality and other characteristics (basic humanity, compassion, etc.) fall short. And there’s still the question of what Rush’s right wing supporters, and the great moralizers among them, have to say about an unmarried man even having a prescription for Viagra.

But all that’s beside the point. Even if, as PZ Myers points out, Viagra Altace online is “not a threat,” and not illegal in and of itself, there’s still the question: what was Rush doing with it, whether he went there to get it or took it there with him, in a country described back in 2001 as a place “where the pimps roam free”?

Evidence of the sex trade is everywhere as men in shorts and sandals duck into rent-by-the-hour “love motels” with Dominican women in bright dresses.

“There is always a demand for sex,” said one Dominican prostitute as she lounged at one of the town’s waterfront bars. “Men will always pay for it, especially in here … where they can get anything they want at a discount.”

Indeed, the Dominican Republic is one of the biggest sex tourism destinations in the world, thanks in part to Internet sites that extol the country as a “single man’s paradise.”

What was Rush doing with a Viagra prescription in a country that one christian aid organization described as having the highest number of people working in the world working in the sex trade, including children? What need did Rush have to get an erection in a country which the U.S. government cites as having rampant prostitution— including child prostitution — and as one of the worst offenders in the trafficking of women and children for forced labor as sex-workers?

Was he helping a religious organization rescue people from human traffickers? Possibly, but that still doesn’t explain the Viagra. Not unless he was posing as a pimp.

These are not nice questions, which is why most people won’t ask them. But Rush is not a nice guy. And when a pundit whose party pokes its noses into people’s private affairs as a matter of policy is caught pocketing pills to pump up his penis, on his way back from a country plenteous with prostitutes…

Well pardon me if I’m compelled to prod and ponder why this public personality required a prescription for his penis in that place, and where he put it while he was there.


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  3. I am curious as well as to what Rush was doing in the Dominican Republic, one of the largest prostitution havens in the world, with a bunch of Viagra pills that didn’t have his name on them.

    I wonder…

    P.S.: The title of this post is a little… how do you say… scary. Think about the children, Terrance. The children. =)

  4. There are actually some very nice, exclusive, high-end resorts in D.R., where the Kissingers, Grahams, and other notables have been known to holiday. There is “legit” tourism there. Bashing Rush is great fun (and oh so easy to do!) but lets not paint the entire nation of the Dominican Republic with such a broad brush. While aiming at Rush (a big, fat, lying target) don’t tarnish the entire nation.

  5. Wonder how long his supporters will look the other way

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  7. I sure hope he’s forced to tell WHY he had them in the DR. One more great embarrassment ofr the moralist right of O’Reilly, the fantasizer, Bennett, the gambler, and Rush, the drug addict.

    I always wondered how a man can be married 3 times and never impregnate any of them. Is it Rush LIMPbaugh? Is this why they all left him?

    Is this what he didn’t want revealed in his medical reports?

    I love it. He deserves all ridicule, as he never hesitates to dog out others for far less. Even used Clinton as his alibi in this one.

    Get him media.

  8. His most recent companion left after three years, possibly tired of slapping Mr. Softie to attention, taking the reaction to all those prescription treats personally. Please Daryn, tell me he didn’t touch you “down There.”

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  10. Breeze, I’m not ready to badmouth Bennett “the gambler” as doing some kind of shameful thing. So far as I know he bet with his own money in legitimate places and I’m not sure what’s wrong about that. Foolish, maybe, but I think it’s his own business and did no harm to others, nor broke any laws. Some people gamble on stocks, others play the lotteries incessantly and while I don’t I’m fine with them doing it.

    Besides an apparent disagreement with Bennett’s politics, and (probably) being turned off by his style (which I don’t mind at all) is there something “bad” about Bennett that puts him in the same camp with Limbaugh and O’Reilly in your pecking order?

    Just curious.

  11. Really, folks…I dislike the man as well as anyone, but if he were a wombedman, would we be talking in print about the “clitoral” meaning for her visit? 😉 I doubt it. Too many wombedmen would be offended! Get a life folks.

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  13. Those last two paragraphs are so dripping with alliteration that they’re almost seussian…

  14. Typical liberal attacks. No content just personal insults. Seems like I remember reading plenty about Libs like Kennedy, Clinton etc who had plenty of naughty time while holding the highest polictical office in the land. Limbaugh must really hit home with you guys. Maybe you all need a trip to DR.

  15. Really, folks, we’re being unkind. As I am sure you recall, Rush suffered from serious back problems. I am sure that he was just using the VIAGRA to help his posture.

  16. Funny how the conservative whines about personal attacks, and immediately follows up with personal attacks.
    I, frankly, couldn’t care less about Limbaugh or his sex life. And I am tired of personal attacks generally.
    But the issue here is whether an influential person got a sweetheart deal on a drug case, which likely wouldn’t have been available to an uninfluential person, and within months violated the terms of that agreement.
    That is typical of what we have seen out of the right wing. “Rules are rules, and laws are laws. Except if they might apply to us, in which case, never mind.”

  17. No, forshame, the issue is hyprocisy. If someone’s career is built on telling others how to live their lives, and holding those who don’t meet their standards up to ridicule, isn’t it fair to expect them to mee the same standards?

  18. I say it’s time to make it even more personal and trite. I’m shocked and pissed that no one worked up the single guy with viagara angle. And if you’re waiting for the God Squad to bring it up — keep waiting. Despite the prez leaving them high and dry dozens of times, it is loyalty that is the most prized possession. Remember when they accused dems of cowing to Clinton claiming he was “sexually harassing” Monica? Why are you being two-faced liberals?

    Rush Limbaugh actually used to make fat jokes about Clinton! When he was twice Clinton’s size. I say we make sure that Bennett, Limbaugh and O’Reilly get no rest until their hypocrisy leaves them destitute. And if he thinks leading a double life is going to work in recovery — well, he’s already looking at a relapse. I say this time they put him under the jail. Then his sponsor can have a long talk with him about what personal responsibility really means.

    Bennett hasn’t broken any laws? Well, it isn’t against the law for gay sex anymore but he’s sure against that — even though there’s a constitutional amendment that guarantees people can practice any religion (or none) if they choose.

    Quit being so damn liberal — fight hate with hateful things. don’t take the high road. call them on their crap. I say end liberal enabling of conservative hypocrisy.

  19. a message to forshame.
    Liberal attack…lets see swiftboating…attacking Murtha..jammg a vote counting office in Florida with political operatives…Where have you been….nothing scarier than we have already seen eh?

  20. Foks, it is about time you all realise that the right wing, republican party does not pratice what they preach! This is nothing new, yet it seems that so many people are afraid to admit it. For example… Rush has over the years bashed other people for the use of drugs, being fat, being a “liberal” If anyone has taken the time rece3ntly and does not live under a rock, then you would know this is simply just talk……

    Rush himself isn’t the most fit man in the world. We all know he has had drug issues in the past. Folks, it is time to realize the right wing “bashing” of others is just a way for these people to divert the spot light off of them and onto someone else.

    Another example is the Bush administration making a “big” issue out of the New York times story on goverment programs to track money transactions around the world,

    Ok people time to wake up and smell the coffee, see what is really going on here. Over the last 5 years Bush and his administration have made several (at least 9) mentions of our goverment tracking money transactions across the world as a way to combat terror. .. hummm ok, so it is ok for Bush to talk about it in his speaches? But not ok for anyone “outside” his administration to ttalk about it? Be real… this is just another failed attempt of the right wing to make others look bad, while at the same time the right wing of this country do the very same they call treason.

  21. You might have phrase it:
    “And when a pundit whose party pokes its noses into people’s private affairs as a matter of policy is caught pocketing pills to pump up his penis, on his way back from a country proud to pander to pedophiles…”
    Yes, let’s use the “p” word…
    There are plenty of places to go for prostitutes, but few places pander so well to pedophiles.

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  23. Anybody who defends Limbaugh needs to be bitch slapped.

  24. Rush is praying for a liberal judge. He needs to go away and meet his new 200# lover. Might even like it!

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  26. You folks are all funny. If some bleeding heart liberal was left holding a bag of unprescribed Viagra, and Rush and his cronnies started asking the same questions or making the same comments, each and every one of you would have been all up in arms, screaming for all the world to hear; “It’s none of anyone’s BUSUINESS where Mr. Liberal CHOOSES his penis. As long as he didn’t break any laws, he has his right to PRIVACY for gosh sakes.”

    I mean, can’t we go back to Bush bashing? That’s so much more fun.

  27. Of all this fuss about Rush, I don`t find the problem: a man and his Viagra, like he was doing anything we all haven`t done. He was just a guest at an exclusive resort in the island that offers women, not young girls ( ) and not even from the island. Those babes are from Europe, traveling to the Caribbean as entertainers. So why the big deal?? he didn`t do anything wrong.


  29. Our current political representatives are doing a disservice to the United States of America. How can we get term limits on the members of Congress? and how can we get “None of the above” on the ballots?