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Hot New Look

I’ve been wanting to give this blog a look of it’s own for a while now, rather than just grabbing a new theme and popping in a new header. But my design skills weren’t (and still aren’t) up to the job. So, I reached out to someone who’s done designs for blogs like Pandagon , Bitch Ph.D., and Feministe. What you should be seeing in your browser (if you aren’t, try dumping your cache and/or reloading) is the happy result.

What can I say? I love it!  The colors, the Buddha…everything!

So, thanks to Lauren for hooking me up with a hot new style! Folks, Lauren’s got skills. And, needless to say, I highly recommend her if you want a new style for your online digs.


  1. awesome new template

  2. I’m so glad you like it. Personally, the buddha is my favorite part. Love him.

  3. Isn’t that little fat guy Taoist? Not that it matters — the site looks great.

  4. Wow … you truly do an AMAZING job, Lauren!

    Unfortunately, I doubt I have the money to pay you what your worth (unless you take payments in installments).

    But if you’re ever looking to do a charity case …