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Rush to Judgement?

I may have been a little quick on the draw regarding Rush Limbaugh yesterday. I asked why a guy like Rush, an unmarried and un-paired conservative guy, would need to take Viagra to a country that has a thriving sex-trade (and, yes, some very nice resorts, as one commenter pointed out; though I don’t think anything precluded Rush from enjoying both on his trip). It seems I may have been wrong on at least one of my wild speculations.

Apparently, Rush may not be single. And he may not have gone to the Dominican Republic alone. But that still doesn’t explain why an upstanding, unmarried conservative guy would need Viagra. And, as this bit from Roll Call today explains, that still leaves some unanswered questions about the Viagra and why it was needed on this particular trip to the Dominican Republic.

Rush Job. Rumors were swirling around Capitol Hill and beyond Tuesday that Rush Limbaugh is dating actress Mary Lynn Rajskub, who plays Chloe O’Brian on the Fox series “24.” Though that still doesn’t explain the unauthorized bottle of little blue pills (shhh, Viagra!) that customs agents found in Limbaugh’s luggage at Palm Beach International Airport on Monday.

The conservative radio talk show host hinted on his show Tuesday that he went on a boys-only trip with the cast of “24.” Chloe is no boy. If you saw the papers over the weekend, including The Washington Post, there were photos of Limbaugh planting a big kiss right on Rajskub’s lips during a dog-and-pony event at the Heritage Foundation.

No one at Heritage seemed to know whether Limbaugh and Rajskub were more than photo-op kissing buddies. A spokeswoman for Heritage who asked not to be named told HOH, “Nobody knows. Several people have been asking today. I have no idea.”

Our guess is, probably not. Though why would Rush take Viagra on a boys-only trip? [emphasis added]

I’ve never watched “24,” despite having a thing for Keifer Sutherland going back to my high school days. And I don’t want to know or even think about him accompanying Limbaugh on a penis-pill powered drip through the Dominican Republic.

But the Roll Call piece does underscore an interesting question. Why would Rush Limbaugh need Viagra on a “boys-only” trip to the Dominican Republic? There are only two answers I can think of, and no matter which one is the right one, if the Roll Call piece has any truth to it I’d advise Ms. Rajskub to put the question to Limbaugh.

Because tossing Viagra into his trickbag for a “boys-only” trip suggests he was either planning to use it with “the boys” or whomever he could afford find once he got down there. Or maybe he was just bringing it along to score points with his new Hollywood friends. Because how cool would Rush be if he came to the rescue if one of the “24” guys forgot to bring his own blue pills?

Was it for him or was it “for the boys”? None of the answers I can think of jibe with Rush’s public persona. (Unless he’s a Coulter-esque whore who says whatever will get him paid, whether he quite believes it or not.) And I can’t imagine any of they passing muster with any woman whose boyfriend got busted for taking Viagra along on a “boy’s only” trip.


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  2. Sorry, as interesting as it might be the story isn’t why he needs the pills, why he flew to DR, if he had sex with hookers or even if it was an all boys trip.

    Rush was charged with Dr shopping, Getting prescription medication from several Dr’s. Rush is on probation No doubt one of the terms of that probation is he not continue to get prescription medication from different sources.

    He now knows he cannot continue to Dr shop in the US so he’s taking his private plane to another country and having prescriptions filled there (in another persons name) to avoid prosecution in the US.

    This is the story.

    Limbaugh was able to get a sweet heart deal to get dropped charges after 18 months of compliance with court directives.

    Somehow I think the “court directives” said something about not carrying around prescription medication that doesn’t belong to you.

    In addition in Palm Beach.
    ‘Possessing a controlled drug such as Viagra without a prescription is a violation of the law.’ The Sherrif’s office will file with the State’s Attorney.

  3. I hate Rush as much as the next guy (probably more) but TimWho? at least get your facts right. (1) The ‘little blue pills’ were apparently obtained in Florida, not DR. If this proves to be false then you have a point, but at least as reported thus far, he obtained the pills in Fla, not DR. (2) in Florida it is apparently permissible under some circumstances for a physician to issue the script in the doctor’s own name as long as it is appropriately documented by the doctor that the script is for the patient. Al Franken is correct, Rush is a Big Fat Idiot, but attacking him with misinformation (or at least not identifying speculation for what it is) just lowers us to Rush’s level of expertise, and gives Rush’s nut-job supporters all the ammo they need to label this an unfair, and uninformed attack.

    Why not just go back to the established point that Rush, who advocated stiff sentences for drug abusers, is now an admitted drug abuser himself (prescription pain meds, not viagara). That alone makes him an incredible hypocrite. Incidentally, his well publicized hearing loss was likely caused by his abuse of the pain medication. So his addiction was no minor matter.

    If he had the viagara script illegally, then his plea deal should be thrown out. If not, his plea deal is probably safe.

    P.S. Personally I think even the phrase “Rush’s penis” is better than Jenny Craig in causing weight loss. Who can even think of food with such a revolting image in mind. (Granted, one probably need a magnifying glass to see that image, but I digress lol)

  4. Sorry, either you miss-read or I didn’t explain my self well enough.

    Facts? I have no facts, and anyone looking to me to have the facts on this or any other breaking news story will be very disappointed.

    All I have is my opinion.

    My opinion is, the only story to be had here is if the pills we legal or not. If they are legal then there is no story, and if they are not legal then there might be a story here.

    My opinion is, the hookers, boys club, secret flight, sex trade angle is nothing more than cannon fodder for tabloid news shows.