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Queerly Kos: The Stonewall Edition

It’s been quite a week. Between Rush Limbaugh’s penis and Barak Obama’s faith, I’m worn out. I guess that’s appropriate, since this week is the anniversary of the Stonewall riots which took place 37 years ago from in New York. Since then, to borrow from Lord Alfred Douglas and Pat Buchanan, the love that dare not speak its name has become the love that won’t shut up.

Poor Pat; pining away for the days when the cacophony of queer voices now heard in just about every medium were never heard above a whisper. If this week’s diaries, blog posts, and news are any indication he’s got another 30+ years to look forward to with the love that isn’t about to shut up. That is, unless we find ourselves with a lot less to talk (yell, scream, rant, holler, etc.) about by then. But that’s a bit far into the future. Let’s get back to this week.

  • A few things changed from one week to the next. Last week the DoD was classifying homosexuality as a mental disorder. This week Yoss relayed that the DoD has "rewritten" the document that contained that little classification. And in less time than it took the Vatican to correct a similar "oversight" with Gallileo.
  • Also it appears that Donald Rumsfeld has managed to surround himself with gay men over at the DoD, some of whom he "bear hugs" at his home in Kalorama. Somehow that doesn’t seem to have any more effect on anti-gay discharges than it did when Pete Wilson was Dick Cheney’s mouthpiece at DoD.
  • Staying in the science mode for a minute, a study suggesting a biological basis for homosexuality was all over the news. (Hint: It’s not your mother who makes you gay. It’s your older brother(s).) Well, Odum took that a step further with a diary suggesting a biologiocal basis for homophobia. Meanwhile, jbalasz wants to know how many brothers you have.
  • Also Gene Expression explains why scientists are interested in the question of a biological basis for homosexuality, and addresses some of the anxiety around that. I said he addresses it, not that he relieves it.
  • Another science blogger, Phrayngula, has an interesting story about what happened to one Oklahoma family after their daughter was kicked off a high school sports team for refusing to join in team prayers. (Hey Obama, what was that about …? Oh nevermind.)
  • And before we dismiss science class check out this article about the gay animal kingdom, via BoingBoing. It’s a great interview with a trangendered biology professor who wrote a book on the subject.
  • Since we’re talking biology and gender, Damn Straight (becoming a favorite of mine) got an email from mom wanting to know how to talk to her kids about an aunt’s female-to-male FTM transition. Check out No Dumb Questions, the documentary she recommended about three young sisters’ conversations around their own aunt’s FTM transition.
  • Also check out "What it Means to be a T" from rsevern’s terrific Gender Workshop series, and eej’s diary about what is "gay" and what is "straight."
  • Hold on a sec, the bell hasn’t run yet. While you’re fidgeting in your desk, check out vmibran’s diary about the AFA bashing the NEA for supposedly supporting gay marriage. Also, Republicans in New York stonewalling a bill to prevent anti-gay bullying in schools. In the spirit of Stonewall, I say we meet them by the flagpole after the last bell.
  • By the way, the AFA protest worked.
  • Speaking of the AFA, ChgoBrad has diary about the so-called "liberal media" after CNN featured Jame’s Dobson’s commentary on same-sex marriage as a "top story," and The American Prophet also takes on some of Dobson’s statements. 
  • Thisisnotanexit  picked up on Dobson’s comparison of same-sex marriage to … wait for it … the slave trade.
  • As long as Dobson’s still on the table, break out the vaseline, because Dispatches from the Culture War has a thorough fisking to administer to him. 
  • While he’s recovering from that, someone ought to tell Dobson that — according to the Christian Alliance for Progress — that Jesus is not a Republican. Break it to him gently, though. Dobson may still be a little sore.
  • While Dobson’s walking it off, inform him that god apparently smote an anti-gay church in North Carolina with one of his lightening bolts. He only took out the steeple, so it was probably just a warning.
  • Once he can speak again, ask Dobson what he thinks about the approaching anniversary of the hanging of two gay teenage boys in Iran. Ask him he he wants to attend one of the protests marking the event. If he says yes, send him to Michael Petrelis’ blog. (If he says no, put him back on the table.)
  • We’ve segued from science to religion, and since we already mentioned Obama’s speech, why not check out Arturo52’s spirited rant about the "values" debate, why glazeone is sick of the marriage debate, and why davestroup has had enough.
  • Bad news for glazeone and davestroup. According to Spamalot01 and ktakki the marriage debate is set to continue in Massachusetts, where a proposed amendment is coming down the pike; and in congress, according to quaoar, where the "American Values Agenda" is set to roll out with the FMA on board.
  • Continuing the debate, tarheelian51 asks "Why not privatize marriage?" and Adaman Sun links to a christian think tank (overseas, in the UK, mind you) that recommends abolishing marriage on a civic level and establishing civil unions for everyone.
  • Meanwhile Agape suggests the Dems present a counterproposal to the FMA.
  • And while the marriage debate rages on, they’re continuing to go after our families too. Growing Sense links to an article in The Stranger by a gay dad in Oregon, one of 17 states facing anti-gay adoption ballot initiatives. It’s another must read.
  • Meanwhile, our families face all the legal pitfalls that go along with a lack of marriage equality, up to and including our homes as yet another case (this time in New York) shows.
  • The news isn’t all bad, though. Check out SteveG’s diary on the Arkansas Supreme Court decision upholding a lower court’s decision to overturn a ban on placing foster children in gay homes (or even homes where they might come into contact with gay people). Tennessee Guerilla Women point to a poll in Tennessee showing that only 59% of voters support an anti-gay marriage amendment, rather than the 85% to 95% projected by the governor. Yes, in Tennessee that counts as good news.
  • As long as we’re in the South, check out liberalsouth’s diary on a documentary about gay Republicans.

That’s all I got time for folks. I gotta catch the next train home to see the hubby and the kid, so I can punch the clock for another shift of undermining the American family, hastening Armagedon and all that.

Just kidding. A little.

If there’s something I missed, and there’s bound to be, leave comments. And if you spot something that should go in next week’s QKos, drop me an email.


  1. Nice round up, thanks.

  2. Wow… an amazing roundup, T!

    I wrote about one more item from this week that still has me shaking my head.

    Those of us who have the TV playing in the background in the wee hours of the morning have been subjected to the awfulness of Showtime transitioning from thoughtful drama to titty-titty-bang-bang movies and Comedy Central running Girls! Gone! Wild! ad nauseum.

    But, a new competitor has entered the fray: Charity and Compassion Gone Wrong!

    Seriously, in a world of terrorism, what could be more frightful than a (very large) bit of altruism?

  3. Very superior site. Good job. thnx.