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Kids Really Do Say the Darndest Things

No, really. They do. Or at least mine does.

There are the cute, occasional little slip-ups. My favorite is Parker’s word for Cheetos. The hubby likes them, and gets a bag once in a while. For some reason he calls them “cheesy poofs,” which I think he picked up from South Park. Parker, can’t quite manage the “f” at the end of “poofs,” so instead he calls them “cheesy poops.”

But I digress. What prompted this post was an exchange Parker and I had last night.

The hubby had a meeting last night, so I was parenting solo and spent the evening reading to Parker, when we weren’t watching one of his favorite shows or playing with his trains. One of the books he wanted me to read was actually a Thomas the Train coloring book. Actually, it was five coloring books in in one.

And though it has little stories throughout, the book is a long read. So halfway through the book I stood up and said to Parker, “OK. Daddy needs to take a break from reading this book for a while.”

For some foolish reason, I thought that was the end of the conversation. I soon learned otherwise.

Parker stood up with the book in his arms and said quite earnestly, “No, you need to finish reading this book to me. Then you can take a break later.”

I was stunned, amused, and so overcome with the cuteness of the moment that I scooped him up and finished reading the book to him as he asked.

It wasn’t until the hubby got home and I relayed the above story to him that I realized what else was going on; that is, that Parker is learning how to effectively communicate his wants and needs. And without a screaming fit.

So not only was that moment pretty cute, but it was also pretty cool.

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  1. Standing in line at the supermarket check out with a cart full of stuff and this young boy who could not have been five years old tapped me on the leg and held up a new toy, looked me in the eye and said. “Excuse me sir, may I cut in? I have but one item tonight” I said sure. His mother arrived right behind him and asked sternly “Did he cut in front of you?” I said well…yes…but he asked first and he asked so nicely I just couldn’t say no. She laughed…