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Now We’re Cooking!

One of the things I’m happiest about upon finally moving into the house is that our kitchen is now fully unpacked. In fact, I spent the first two days unpacking the kitchen (after getting the office and computer set up). The cookbooks were the first thing to get completely unpacked. Prior to meeting the hubby, I had enough cookbooks of my own to fill an entire shelf. (And at least two years worth of issues saved from The Vegetarian Times, and binder full of recipes printed from the web and clipped from the paper.) Now we have enough to fill a few shelves, because the hubby is pretty good in the kitchen himself.

I don’t mention it much on this blog, but I love to cook. In fact, it’s probably my first love after reading and writing, and until last year it’s something I did pretty regularly. My specialty was (and is) deserts, but I’m pretty good with vegetarian entrees. I even applied to culinary school about seven years ago, got accepted, and was even offered a grant. Then I spent a summer working in a restaurant kitchen and was cured of that career interest.

But one of the things I missed most while living in the rental, with half our stuff in boxes, was being able to cook as often as I used to. Well, now we’re having or first guest. The hubby’s brother is in town for a job training and coming for dinner. So I’ll be in the kitchen “gettin’ my burn on” this evening.

Actually, the hubby is taking care of the entree (a meat dish, because the rest of the family is non-vegetarian) and the desert. So I dug back into my recipe file for the vegetable and starch dishes and came up with sweet potato fries with garlic and herbs and grilled zucchini & summer squash with basil-parmesan dressing.

But what I really want to do, and I know I will eventually, is to get back into baking. Then I can break out my apple-ginger upside down cake and my marbled sweet-potato cheesecake (that is, if I don’t just opt for my spin on sweet-potato pie instead). And come time to cook for school bake sales and such, I’ll make my chocolate chunk-caramel cookies.

The thing is I’ll probably need to practice these dishes a bit first. Then there’s the question of what do do with all the deserts in the house. Oh well, I hope no one in my office is going on a diet anytime soon…


  1. That upside down cake sounds good. I may have to give it a try because I also like to bake. The strange thing with me is that I like to bake but don’t always eat the goods. My partner takes up the slack though. He love the cakes and his favorite one is the rhubarb(yes I was born in a northern state). For me the strange part of your post is the fact that you would cook meat for your guest. In my house I could never be that kind to my meat eating guests. There is never any flesh in my abode to consume. I don’t get The Vegetarian Times, but I do subscribe to a mag from The Vegetarian Resource Group( Their main focus is educating people about vegetarian/vegan living.

  2. Actually, I should have been clearer. The hubby is a meat-eater. Always has been, and that’s something I accept about him rather than trying to change. And we’re not raising the kid as vegetarian. (He’ll get a taste of both and make up his mind for himself later.) I’m the only vegetarian in the family.

    So, there is meat in the house. I, however, don’t prepare it. If the hubby wants it, or our guests require it, he prepares it. Anyway, it’s been so long since I’ve cooked meat I’m not sure I’d know how to prepare it.

  3. “Then I spent a summer working in a restaurant kitchen and was cured of that career interest.”

    Smart man, it took me at least 25 years to figure it out. I still love to cook of course but you couldn’t find a team of wild horses strong enough to drag me back in the kitchen as a full time professional.

    I think its wise not to try to convert the Hubby and to allow Parker to make up his own mind. That willingness to compromise will go a long way toward making your marriage last and will teach Parker that compromise is a better way to deal with issues that arise in life.

  4. Yeah. At a former job I used to bring in baked goods all the time, and eventually a coworker tried to convince me to go into catering. Something told me it wouldn’t be that different from restaurant work. So, I’m content to cook what I want, when I want, and to share it with whom I want.

    The ability to compromise is part of the magic of our marriage. The husband and I are similar enough in enough ways that we can come to agreement 99.9% of the time, and the other 0.01% of the time one of us can usually be persuaded. So I guess I’m doubly blessed. I found someone I love and someone I can live with, in the same man.

  5. Readers of this blog, trust me when I say this man makes a very formidable pie crust! 🙂 Anyone with mushroom quiche in his cooking arsenal is a force to be reckoned with!

  6. I’m sorry if I came off as a meat-eater basher. It’s wonderful that you do not make an issue of it.