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Unite Against Gay Bashing Artists


The campaign around LIFEbeat’s anti-gay concert is heating up.

Pam makes an excellent point in her update post.

LIFEBeat’s executive director John Canelli actually told Keith Boykin that his "organization wanted to reach out to that segment of the community by using artists who could connect with them" and that it’s "not his job" to encourage artists to repudiate their homophobia. That makes it perfectly clear where LIFEBeat’s coming from, doesn’t it?

Here’s the thing. Cannelli says it’s his job to save lives. As I pointed out in my last post, New York has recently seen several acts of violence and murder against black LGBT people. There is an undeniable connection between that violence and music that celebrates shooting gays in the head, hanging them, or burning them alive.

These artists have not repudiated the violence in their lyrics. They have blood on their hands, and LIFEbeat has blood on its hands by association if they promote these artists and doesn’t use its influence to encourage the artist to repudiate the violence in their lyrics.

If it’s Mr. Cannelli’s job to save lives, then his job description ought to include saving the lives of black LGBT people from the kind of violence advocated and celebrated by the artists on his roster.

Here’s a list of blogs covering it.

Here is the media coverage so far:

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