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Reed Concedes

And it’s a beautiful thing.

Former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed conceded defeat about 9:50 p.m. in Georgia’s Republican primary for lieutenant governor.

“Tonight my candidacy for lieutenant governor comes to an end,” he said.

He promoied to work for the GOP ticket, including Sen. Casey Cagle (R-Gainesville), his rival in the lieutenant governor’s race.

… Reed left quickly but stopped to say he was pround of the race he ran. He said he had no plans to run for office again right now.

As I mentioned before, I have a connection to Ralph Reed.

A word about me and Ralph. There’s a connection between us. (No not that kind of connection, people. Though if there were *shudder*, I would have run to the tabloids with it a long time ago.) Ralph and I have the same alma mater, though he graduated years before I arrived, and we belonged to the same debate society; again, years apart. (Ralph, of course, has earned a spot on the list of famous alumni.) It was through the society that our paths crossed, as Ralph returned for the one year during my time there, for the society’s anniversary and “All Night Meeting” (12 hour of extemporaneous debate and merry-making).

At that point, I was in full “flamer” mode, and spent most of the evening swishing around smoking herbal cigarettes with a foot-long cigarette holder. Ralph and I never talked and only encountered each other in passing a few times, but I’m pretty sure he was appalled. Years later I moved to D.C., where Ralph was running the Christian Coalition, but we never encountered each other again. Such was my brief brush with political power, surpassed only by running into a sweaty Al Gore on the campaign trail in ‘92, and shaking hands with Clinton during his pre-impeachment period

Back then I was in “full flamer mode,” and now Ralph’s going down in flames. Couldn’t happen to a nicer wingnut. But knowing Ralph, I’m willing to bet that he could find a way to rise from the ashes somewhere down the road.


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  2. I was there, too. I wonder if I have photos?

  3. Ralph Reed was a Demosthenian? Long live Phi Kapa.