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Better Dead Than a Mute Gay Prostitute?

I'm probably get a little flack for this, but when I read why Andrea Yates drowned her children (or why she believed she had to, according to her doctor) I couldn't resist posting about it.

Andrea Yates drowned her five children in the bathtub because she thought she had ruined them so much that one would grow up to be a serial killer and another would become a mute gay prostitute, a forensic psychiatrist testified Wednesday.

Dr. Phillip Resnick, who evaluated Yates about three weeks after the June 2001 drownings, said she knew her actions were illegal but didn't know they were wrong because she was trying to save the children from going to hell.

"If she did not intervene and take their lives while they were still innocent, they would end up in hell," he said, testifying as a defense rebuttal witness. "Mrs. Yates knew what she was doing was right for her children."

I wonder if some of the conservative law 'n' order types who brushed aside Yates' post-partum depression and mental state earlier, while howling for her blood, will soften towards her now.

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  1. From what I read, she had been batshit insane for a long time, the post-partum depression just made it worse. My understanding was that she and her husband had been religious, but eventually her husband figured out that she was past the point of being helped by prayer. She was on medication, sometimes alot of it, but may have been being medicated for the wrong things. Meanwhile she was putting her faith in a traveling doomsday preacher. If even half of what was in that pulp biography was true, then she really got shafted by the system.