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WA Marriage Decision Due

I'm on a business trip today, so posting will be slow and I'll probably be otherwise occupied when the Washignton State Supreme Court rules on marriage.


  1. The decision published this morning upholds the WA State legislature’s passing of the Defense of Marriage Act in 1998. Marriage between persons of the same sex remains a dream in WA State. I am crushed once again.

  2. Yeah, I would have hoped our State would have been better than that. But “hate the gays” seems to be all the fashion; I’m just thankful that Tim Eyman couldn’t get enough signatures for his anti-gay campaign. [This year, the WA State legislature finally passed an equal-protection law; Eyman’s petition would have put this up for a vote – as if people’s civil rights should ever be subject to a popular vote.] He even made the rounds whipping up the right-wing pastors and megachurches, and fell tens of thousands of signatures short. Maybe people are getting tired of the social wedge issues? One can only hope so.

    But…it was a 5-4 decision; if we fight the candidates for the state supreme court that the BIAW puts forth (the construction/developers/builders lobby, roots in the Birch Society – very radical right-wingers), and get rid of some of the crappy deadwood, like Alexander, Sanders, and Johnson, we would be doing good.