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My Invisible iPod

Help. It started sometime a week ago, and I finally tried to do something about it tonight. A while ago, I noticed my iPod wasn’t showing up in iTunes anymore. It showed up in the Finder in Mac OS X, but not in iTunes. What’s more, iTunes began launching every time I start my computer, even though it doesn’t detect my iPod.

So, I looked around online for advice and tried some of the stuff I found here. Specifically, I got down to step 8 and tried reinstalling iTunes and the iPod firmware. That turned out to be a minor disaster because I couldn’t install iTunes. So I figured I had to uninstall it first. I dragged it to the trash, etc., and still couldn’t install. The installer said there was nothing to install.

So now I had no iTunes. At least not until I went here and found the info I needed. Voila. ITunes installed. So, I went back and started iTunes, and it announced that there was new software for my iPod and asked if I wanted to install it. Which I did. But it still doesn’t detect my iPod. It doesn’t show in iTunes and when I check iTunes preferences it says there’s no iPod attached. But the iPod does appear in the finder.

The only thing I haven’t done is restore my iPod. I guess I could back up my music collection and try that, but frankly it scares me. Who knows how that will turn out.

Any Mac whiz kids out there got any tips for me?

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