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iPod Death


Well, I think it’s really and truly dead. I mentioned before that it was on life support. Well, I think it’s almost time to pull the plug. My attempts to resuscitate it this morning came to naught, and tonight I came home and tried everything suggested on this webpage. I reset it. I restored it. I reinstalled the software. I even reinstalled iTunes.Nothing.

At one point this evening, it seemed to work. After restoring it, iTunes started up and immediately recognized it. Soon, the iPod was updating and all the songs were being loaded. Since I had something like 14 to 15 GB of music, I figured it would take a while, so I went out to the grocery store. By the time I came back, iTunes had dropped the iPod again. They were back to not speaking to each other after a brief reconciliation. Nothing I could do would bring them back together.

So, it looks like I’ll be taking it to the nearest Apple Store tomorrow to see if there’s anything they can do for it. I’ve been holding off on getting a video iPod, but if they can’t resurrect this one, I may finally have an excuse. I’ll have to buy a new one, because I enjoy my commute a lot less without it. Instead of music, I listen to the roar of traffic, the groaning of the escalator, the droning of the recording announcing the closing of the subway doors, and the inane conversations going on around me. Plus, without earbuds in my ears, I might end up having to talk to someone I don’t want to. (The iPod is, after all, one half of the social shield of iPod+book/magazine.)

Besides, my commute is about the only time I get to listen to music anyway. And I’d like to be able to choose from my whole collection rather than having to pick a playlist and stick with it for the day. So, I may be doing some shopping this weekend. And with my luck I’ll get a video iPod and Apple will announce the next generation days later.

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