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Republicans for Voldemort


One of the things I love about where I live are the political bumper stickers and t-shirts I see. (Democratic outnumbers Republican by 3 to 1 as near as I can tell.) This “Republicans for Voldemort” sticker has to be the funniest I’ve seen yet. Get yours here!


  1. The “Republicans for Voldemort” bumper sticker comes from the online comic “Goats”, specifically this one. You can buy the t-shirts and bumper stickers at the Goats store.

  2. The thing I love about this shirt is that it’s impossible to tell if the person wearing it is:

    a) making fun of Republicans; or
    b) a Republican making fun of Democratic demonization of Republicans.

    (I’ve owned one of these shirts since shortly after they came out, and love wearing it.)


  3. I’ve recently seen bumper stickers in town (Metro Detroit) left over from the 2004 Presidential election:

    Cthulhu For President: Why settle for the lesser evil

  4. One of my favorites was Frodo Failed, Bush has the Ring

  5. ha ha. my friend maggs and I have been obsesed with this bumber sticker sinse about NOvember of this year. THis is how i found out about it and it still makes me laugh.

    Maggs and I were making harry potter pins( yea we are crazy fans) and we were trying to figure out what to write. Then she says ” Oh i found this AMAIZING BUMBERSTICKER . It said “REPUBLICANS FOR VOLDEMORT” but I don’t know your political affiliations.”
    My response. (at 3:00am mind you) ” OH dont worry, I’m against HIM”

    And ever sinse we LOVE THAT BUMBER STICKER!! i just sent her the comic.


  6. You mean, Voldemort isn’t really running? And I had my grassroots organization all primed !

  7. I’m sorry I can’t vote for Voldemort, he has one good asset. He believes in post 3rd trimester abortions. The sign of any decent man is how many abortions can be performed because of him. Including Satan we have racked up all the major deities to our side.

  8. Hey!!!! If the right-y’s wanna change the rules to allow The Governator Arnold to run for prez…maybe…just maybe they will allow Good Ole Voledermort! I’ll vote extra if he allows us to crucio the competition!!!

  9. Republicans for Voldemort is about the gayest sticker ever. I don’t know what is stupider, adults who read Harry Potter or douchebags who actually permanently adhere a sticker this beat to their car.

    I like using the word gay too as I am sure it offends you, but I couldn’t care less. Oh yeah, and I hate republicans too, just hate liberals more.

  10. Actually, people that use the word “stupider” are more stupid.

  11. Hmm… have to agree with Justin there. Honestly, Gravis! Hating everybody is just… really, really boring. Why are you so misanthropic?
    And anyway, adults who read Harry Potter have a hell of a lot more sense than adults who don’t merely because they’re over eighteen. Where’s your sense of childish fun?

  12. I have to ask why one would feel it necessary to visit a site and comment on something they find to be “stupid”? why visit the site at all? I miss forums that weren’t used for bashing one another. No republicans were harmed in the discussion about this bumper sticker…

  13. It’s pretty damn gay to make a reference to a childrens book like that at all. Not only is it a stupid story – but proudly making reference to it is just faggoty.

  14. Now it is time for new bumper sticker: DEMOCRATS for (Sen.) PALPATINE

  15. Knoservatyv, you are in the minority of people in this world that do not read the Harry Potter books and so one has to wonder how a “stupid story” like that has received so much fame. I suggest that you run right out now and get a copy of all 7 books and start to read now. VOTE VOLDEMORT!!! And p.s. if you did really read the “childrens books” I am sure you would find they are very dark at times and aimed at a wider population of people.

  16. I think the bumper sticker is hilarious (and yes, I have one). I have Republican friends who ALSO think it’s hilarious. It’s being touted as a “Liberal” sticker, but it really isn’t exclusive. A.Rickey had it pegged…and I think a lot of people who have this bumper sticker fall into category “B.”

  17. In response to the person who wrote that this tee-shirt could either be interpreted as being worn by someone:

    a) making fun of Republicans; or
    b) a Republican making fun of Democratic demonization of Republicans.

    Do you think that the modern Republican psyche can process that level of irony? Or perhaps, in the wake of Palin’s nomination, it has to be repackaged into more non-elitist terminology. 🙂