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Santorum’s Blow Off

You knew it was too good to last. The news about Phil Santorum sounds so familiar. Or at least it sounds like an experience that lots of gay men (not your’s truly, mind you) have had at some point or another. You know this guy, and you know he’s not gay. In fact he doesn’t even seem to like gay people. But then suddenly he’s really nice to you when no one else is around. So you think maybe his queer bashing days are in the past, and that this may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Until his friends find out, that is. Then he totally blows you off.

Less than a week after becoming the 170th member of Congress to affirm that his office does not discriminate in its employment practices based on an individual’s “sexual orientation or gender identity and expression,” U.S. senator Rick Santorum, a Pennsylvania Republican, on Wednesday rescinded his signature on a diversity statement.

… On Wednesday, Santorum faxed GenderPAC a new statement that read in part, “To be clear, my office has not adopted the proposed ‘diversity statement’ nor the agenda of your organization…. My name should no longer be reported as having adopted the ‘diversity statement.'”

Just goes to show you, people don’t change. Or they do change, but then they quickly change back. (That’s why I stopped falling for straight guys a long, long time ago.)


  1. What a Dick. (and not in a good way)

  2. First, Santorum is a complete pig who undoubtedly only signed the statement because he’s now scared his homophobia has been so over the top and that it, among many other things, may cost him his precious Senate seat from which he can morally lord over the nation. No self-respecting lesbian or gay man should take a job with Santorum and his hate machine regardless of his policy.

    But, second, his flip-flop also is a sad commentary on HRC’s new, misguided strategy of insisting on everything or nothing when it comes to workplace protections. The sad fact remains that it is harder to convince Members of Congress to support trans rights than gay rights. I wish it were otherwise, and I’m glad HRC, GenderPAC, and others are working to make it otherwise. But today the movements just aren’t at the same place politically. Yet HRC has now decided that the two issues must be advanced together simultaneously or not at all, regardless of political realities, and is willing to forego opportunities to advance gay workplace equality if supporters aren’t yet comfortable with trans equality. That makes no sense.

    With that kind of thinking, HRC would have opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and insisted that its passage be delayed until Congress was ready to include sexual orientation and gender identity in that law–notwithstanding the extreme burden such self-centeredness would have imposed on African Americans and other minorities who were in grave need of workplace protections and were able to win them in 1964.

    The country was ready to end slavery before it was ready to end the legal subordination of women in marriage. It was ready to grant African Americans the right to vote decades before it was ready to grant women the right to vote. It was ready to ban discrimination in employment based on race and religion before sex, and both before age, and all those before disability, and all those before sexual orientation. HRC’s everything-at-once-or-nothing strategy is inconsistent with civil rights history, political feasibility, and the interests of its own (declining) membership.

  3. I’m more offended by Robert Traynham; Santorums’s African-American, gay, punk-bitch, Uncle Tom, communications director who continues to defend this asshole’s anti-gay and racist policies.

  4. AMEN to Jstephenclark and his on target analysis of HRC’s flawed all or nothing strategy. Of late, one has to wonder if HRC even has a focus. Have they gone Hollywood? Take for example their new XM radio program “The Agenda with Joe Solmonese?” Why would the “leader” of the largest gay rights organization use two hours a week on the airwaves to entertain gay listeners instead of as a voice for change? It’s Santorum they’re supposed to be trying to replace, not Ellen!