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He Intends Victory

My post about the teen sex club at a Texas high school caused quite a discussion over at Street Prophets. One of the commenters thought I was going a bit too far when I turned Pam Stenzel’s “AIDS is not the enemy” schtick around to show the flip side of her logic.

I couldn’t help thinking about that today when I was reading Time To Deliver, the activist blog from the 16th International AIDS conference. In particular, I was stuck by a post in which one activist relates her encounter with HIV-positive ex-gays and posts excerpts from the booklet they were handing out at the conference (and from which I borrowed the title of this post).

It’s called “He Intends Victory: Real-life stories of Christians living with AIDS” by Dan Wooding [Ugh! if only i could wash my hand in the dog poop Divine eats off the sidewalk in Pink Flamingoes! maybe that would clean it!!!].


The book is evil!!!

p.8 (Herbert Hall) – ”After I was discharged from the hospital, I went through counseling for three years and God completely changed my life,” said Herb, his face now alight with joy. “During those three years, I was completely delivered from the homosexual lifestyle…I fell in love with Pam, this wonderful woman at our church.”

p.104 (Mike Hylton) – “I acquired HIV through blood products. Herb got it through a particular action or accident. Herb and I are not innocent victims. AIDS is a product of sin, not a judgement from God. We must stop categorizing one person’s sin (e.g., homosexuality) and matching it to another’s sin (e.g., lying) and then trying to determine a level of innocence. Let God judge the sinner and the sin….Lying may or may not be as bad as homosexuality. Who’s to judge? Sin is sin!”

p.131 (Renee Austin) — Just as I could not blame God for my being HIV positive, how could I blame Tony? The issue is not whether or not he knew; the issue is I engaged in premarital sex, which is against God’s law.”

I’m not sure why it reminded me of Stenzel’s words, or my reading of them, but it did.


  1. You know how high school yearbooks always have a section with all of the members posed for their various clubs? I’d love to see the photograph for the teen sex club. And kids? Please. For God’s sake list it with your achievements as you apply for college.

  2. terrence,

    Alas, I am the guilty party that diaried about your post over on Street Prophets. I felt it was a discussion that needed to take place. I found your take on it interesting and insightful. It needed to be voiced among a religious community.

    Hope you didn’t mind to much.

    Be well,


  3. Nope. I didn’t mind at all. In fact, I found the discussion over their pretty interesting.

  4. Thanks for mentioning us on your website. We do get a few comments like yours once in a while but most people are very happy about the fact that we really are helping and encouraging people with HIV/AIDS. You did forget to mention though the AIDS orphans that He Intends Victory cares for all over the world, the home we built for children with HIV/AIDS in Thailand or the shelter for women living with HIV/AIDS in Malaysia. And sorry but I need to tell you that Mike Hylton who got HIV as a hemophiliac, was just trying to say that he wasn’t mad at anyone for passing HIV on to him, that he didn’t see himself as a “victim” but as a participant and that he wanted his life to count for something good. And it sure has! Just ask the 100,000’s of people who have been blessed by his life (and now death). Even from heaven he speaks a kind word to people like you. And Renee- well, she’s a smart, independent, beautiful young woman and really helping tons of young people see that even with HIV there is life! Sounds to me after reading your crude comments about human excrement that you need to get past the 4th grade and see that although you may not like our beliefs, you gotta accept the fact that our results are really hopeful. May God bless you (even if you don’t believe in Him),
    Bruce Sonnenberg
    President/ Executive Director
    He Intends Victory

  5. Terrance, get your hands out of the dog poop! Thank you for brining my attention to the He Intends Victory Book. I’ve read it and believe that it is life changing. Of course you have to want to change your life … which I’m guessing you Terrance, do not want to do. Yet I wonder if a hand reached out to give you a hand up would you. Something to think about my friend. After reading the testimonies in this book I wonder why you hate it so. What testimonies do you have to offer? Yes, I’m listening, but hear nothing. In fact I feel cold from your hatred of the testimonies in the book. Please share with me what sense of hope you have? Your Bro Jim.

  6. Obviously you folks don’t read well. The dog poop comment is not mine, but is quoted from the Time to Deliver blog post. Read a little more closely next time.

    (Geez. Why am I a magnet for the insane?)

  7. I have read the book He Intends Victory and broke down cried ,being a straight male and to hear from my friends some of the stuff that have been thru I get so angry with some of my coworkers in the Faith Based Community ,they think that they are lilly white as snow as if they have never done anything wrong.Everybody needs to be educated about HIV & AIDS The slogan WHAT WOULD JESUS DO WWJD I have read in the BIBLE that he does not condems the sinner but heals them if they seek him.So who are we to judge.Terrence, I will Pray that GOD will change your heart and bring a friend of yours that you did not know was POSITIVE and to see and feel the struggles that they go thru .MY GOD BLESS YOU AND HE INTENDS VICTORY.DEACON MIKE

  8. I have read the book you are talking about and have been tremendously blessed by it.I have tried so hard to understand what you are saying but i couldnt. Obviously you either need a tranlator or you need to read it again. all i can say to He Intends Victory is God bless you especially for what you are doing in Africa.

  9. i have read the book He intends victory, i felt love and passion of reaching out to people with HIV/AIDs after reading the book. i understood more about HIV and AIDs and all the trauma that people living with HIV/AIDs go thru. the book has made me a campaigner against HIV/AIDs and i also encourage people that don’t know their status to always go for a blood test to know.
    the book has being a blessing to not only me but to everybody i talk to including people living with HIV/AIDS.
    Good work He intends victory team and God will continue to bless you all, thanks for all the work in Africa i love u all.
    Dr Musa.