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Black Weblog Awards Finalists Are Up

Didn’t get a nomination. Oh well, that’s nothing new here. Good thing I don’t do this to win awards, otherwise I’d have quit after the first year. Anyway, go check out the Black Weblog Awards finalists, because there are some great bloggers there who deserve some support.

My picks are:

I only voted in the categories where I was familiar with at least one of the blogs nominated, so there are plenty more I still need to check out. (The hardest for me was the LGBT category, because I know all three of the nominated blogs and they’re all great. Would have voted for all of them if I could have.)


  1. Hi there

    Many thanks for this – didnt even know there was a Black blog award and I appreicate being nominated


  2. Well, if nominations meant anything, you’d a been in. xo, Aaron

  3. Thanks for the nod, T. Need to get you on the podcast somehow. I’m Skype-less, and Gizmo gets the “hell-no!” vote right now from my computer. I’ll work it out somehow.