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Marriage Videos

It may very well be the epitome of lazy blogging these days, but I haven’t done it that often. So here goes.

I was clicking around YouTube looking for a video clip related to something I want to post a bit later, and I came across this hilarious bit from The Daily Show concerning the disasters that have befallen the state of Massachusetts since same-sex marriage was legalized there and gay couples started taking vows. Just thought I’d share.

Along those same lines, I came across a few of the ads that are being used to fight the anti-gay marriage amendment in Wisconsin.

Here’s part one.

And now part two.

And I thought this was a pretty good one too.

One Comment

  1. awww…crap!

    I did a blog on this last month!! I would have loved to had seen the Gay Marriage video on Jon Stewart before then, I could have included it myself!

    Dag nabbit… And it is a funnier-than-the-dickens video clip too!

    Thanks Dude!