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Randy Boyd Podcast

The Republic of T Podcasts #1 – Randy Boyd Podcast

Check out my latest podcast, in which I talk with author Randy Boyd about his creative process, his lastest book, and his thought on interracial relationships and the black gay community.

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I’ve been meaning to talk with Randy Boyd for a while now, ever since I received a copy of his book Walt Loves the Bearcat — a love story between a white quarterback and a black male cheerleader — from his publisher and read it earlier this year. Various life events (a death in the family, moving into a new house, etc.) forced me to postpone the interview, but oddly enough the delay made it rather timely.

Around the time of the interview, Keith posted about Randy’s frustration with the reception his work has (or hasn’t) received in black gay community and media.

…Speaking in front of a packed audience at the co-chairs’ luncheon, Boyd, who’s black, expressed his frustration with the black gay community, specifically when it comes to accepting interracial relationships. “You think you might find a home in the black gay community, and all I’ve mostly found is flat out rejection of me and my novels because of who my main characters (always black) choose to love.”

During his talk, Boyd mentioned some of the culprits by name, including the television show Noah’s Arc, the black gay magazine Clique, and At the Beach, the annual event held in Malibu and attended by thousands of African-Americans. At the Beach told Boyd via email that his works weren’t ethnic enough for their literary salon.

“These people don’t value my work because they see my work as worth less, meaning they see love between a black man and a white man as worth less,” said Boyd …

Having blogged previously about my own experience and frustrations I was interested in hearing Boyd’s take on the matter. My experience is that feelings run high in black gay circles when the subject is raised, at least in the discussions I’ve been a part of. Usually, the issue just doesn’t come up, and I decided long ago not to bring it up unless it comes up, because it generally doesn’t end well and I half expect to hear someone humming that song from West Side Story.

A boy like that who’d kill your brother,

Forget that boy and find another,

One of your own kind,

Stick to your own kind!

A boy like that will give you sorrow,

You’ll meet another boy tomorrow,

One of your own kind,

Stick to your own kind!

The quote that stayed with me from the interview is this one:

Anyone on this earth who supports you and your deepest dreams is a teammate. Anyone who doesn’t is your opponent. Just like on the sports field, you don’ t need to listen to a thing your opponent tells you.

Because your opponent’s words are merely intended to keep you from your dreams. Got it.

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  1. Gabcast quality rocks!

    T, thanks for spending time with Randy and posting the conversation. I was one of the few voices of reason on that Keith post. It was frustrating reading so much “knuckleheadedness” without Randy’s point of view. As an artist, I wish Randy success with his writing. As a human being, I wish him love and happiness.