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Still Mooching Books

Too busy at work to do much posting today, but I was inspired to post an update about my adventures with BookMooch after getting into the office this morning to find three mooched books waiting for me. It works! It really works!

Two of the titles are fiction that I became interested in after reading a lot of Derrick Jensen's work — Ecotopia and Into the Forest — neither of which I had much luck finding in bookstores. Now I basically have them for free, or at no cost beyond the minimal postage spent on books mooched from me. (Media rate postage isn't terribly expensive.

But the title I'm probably most excited about is one I got for Parker, I Once Was a Monkey: Stories Buddha Told. I posted a while back about pondering how to raise a kid with a particular set of values in a non-religious family. To that end I've been searching for children's books related to Buddhism, that I can start sharing with Parker. Most of them are hard to find in bookstores, so rather than ordering one from Amazon I decided to give BookMooch a try first, and found one of the titles I was looking for. Yay BookMooch!

I've thumbed through it, and I'll have to give it a closer reading, but my first impression is that it's probably a little to advanced for Parker right now. (He has a tendency to get impatient if there are "too many words" and wants to turn the page before we're finished reading it, which I take as an indication that the particular book is one he's not ready for yet.) Still, I may try reading one story to him this evening, just to see how it goes. If he's likes it, great. If it's too much for him right now, at least I have it and it'll be on the shelf when he's ready to give it another try.

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