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Irwin, RIP

Though on occasion I thought he was crazy, this is horrible news. For the sake of Steve Irwin's family, I hope the videotape of his death is destroyed immediately (if it hasn't been already), and that the footage never makes it onto the web.


  1. Unfortunately, Irwin himself had said that if his death were caught on tape, he would want it shown. I seriously hope that, for the sake of his kids, they ignore this wish. Otherwise, like John and Caroline Kennedy, they risk running into that footage at random moments throughout their lives.

  2. Yeah. If I were his spouse, that’s one final wish I’d have to skip. Once it’s out there, it’s out there, and I can’t imagine his kids growing up and having to come across the footage on the web, etc.

  3. Gee.. Us Aussies don’t get much mention amongst you Yanks, until some simplified, easily digested image of a ratbag/ larrikan dressed in King Gees [Aussie men are wank fodder when in shorts] dies!