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Two Fathers

I came by this video via an email listserve for gay dads. It’s a Dutch kid singing about having two gay dads, and it’s pretty cool. But then, I’m probably a little biased. >

Can you imagine the response if a kid appeared in American television, happily singing about having two dads? In front of an audience full of kids? And if they sang along with him?


  1. Wow! Powerful stuff. Seriously, I almost got a little teary there.

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  3. I loved it! We in the US will get there someday.

  4. I’m as straight as they come, but that was awesome. Two people who love each other are the best parents for a child regardless of sex and orientation.

  5. I grew up in Western Michigan (22 minutes from Zeeland, 20 from Overiesl, and 27 from Holland). No matter how many times I am made aware, progressive Dutch people or culture is so surprising. An example, Holland is home to the Family Research Council. Perhaps readers of this site have heard of this group.

    I forwarded the video link to the folks back home…Thanks Terrance.

  6. Just letting you know, I placed a link to this video on my blog today, it’s always going to be a statement in itself.