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My Apology to Jane Hamsher and FDL

Once again, I broke it in public, so now I must try to fix it in public. Today seem to be my day to apologize. If that’s the case I’m in good company.

Per Lauren’s comment in the previous post, It looks like I owe an apology to Jane Hamsher and the folks at Firedoglake, and I wanted to publicly apologize as soon as it was brought to my attention.

Terrance: I wrote to Jane Hamsher to protest the removing of your blog from her roll, and was advised that this occurred quite some time ago, as they moved from one blogging system to another. She was quite upset with the implication that it was otherwise, and I have apologized to her for the misunderstanding.

Yesterday, after learning of Liza’s deletion from the Daily Kos blogroll, I happened to look at the blogroll at Firedoglake. My blog had been listed there previously, and during visits to the site in the last three or four days, I thought I saw it listed there still. When I noticed it missing yesterday, I assumed it had been deleted as a result of the discussion around the Clinton blogger lunch, etc.

It now appears I may have been mistaken in that assumption. If that’s the case, then I offer my apologies to Jane, FDL, and anyone else who may have been affected as a result.

The last few days haven’t been easy ones, at least not in my corner of the progressive blogosphere. I am genuinely sorry if my mistaken assumption, or anything else I’ve written during this period, made them any more difficult for anyone. I hope my apology will be accepted, and I hope now that there’s a constructive discussion going on about how to address the concerns raised in the last few days that I can at least contribute something helpful.


  1. Careful with what you call an ‘apology’: after a brief look, the Pope’s statement (unlike yours) seems like a classic example of a non-apology.

  2. Let me start by noting how much I love ya, your site, and your takes. With that out of the way …

    This whole Clinton thing — from Liza’s post to TRex’s juvenile pointing out of her grammatical mistakes — just reeks of a high school lunchroom. I can even smell the salisbury steak and rancid milk.

    Don’t get me wrong – when I first saw the photo of the Clinton meeting over at the Carpetbagger, my first thought was, “Damn … that’s a lot of white people.” And I’m white guy, so if I noticed it, I knew others would as well.

    But those people were chosen for one thing: Their ability to raise cash. Whether through ads on their sites, or through their ability to get a message out to a large number of people, the overriding factor seemed to be campaign dollars, in one way or another.

    Maybe I haven’t been blogging long enough, don’t update enough, and don’t have enough traffic to understand why the sniping I saw between FDL and Liza was even necessary. It would, however, be nice if this kind of stuff wasn’t so prevalent within the progressive blogosphere.

    I guess there’s an advantage to being a ZZZ list blogger like myself … 🙂

  3. Damn, T. I knew there was someone in this whole mess who could be counted upon to act like an adult, and you proved me correct. Thank you.

    Now all that is left is to open up the Useta-Was-Southern Style Charm School for Yankee Bloggers. I bet you’ll have a line down the block.

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