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Penis Transplant Rejected

There's probably a lot of joke potential in this story of the first ever penis transplant (surgically successful, but rejected for psychological reasons), but I'm not going to explore them. I have an honest question. Why a transplant? I'm not up on the latest surgical techniques in gender transition, but why did they need to transplant? Couldn't surgeons have done something for this guy similar to what they do for FTM transgendered people?


  1. Man – I wish you’d open this thread up for jokes. I’m BURSTING with them.

  2. actually, I’m not sure they could have use the same techniques for FTM surgery.

    Male anatomy is basically a redeveloped female anatomy. Oft-used FTM surgical techniques (Metoidioplasty, etc) use female clitoris to construct aa natural looking erotically sensate penis.

    Since he was already anotamically male and lost that part of the anatomy, he’d not have anything to ‘work with’ for that kind of surgery.

    That said, there is other surgeries that use tissue/skin from other parts of the body. I guess they wanted to try something new.

  3. Had they done the same surgery as for FTM transsexuals, the patient and wife would have probably been even more psychologically displeased with the result.

    What the FTM surgery creates is better than nothing, one could suppose, but is definitely not the same as a real, live, working, “natural” male penis. It doesn’t look the same or act the same.

    The fact that the doctors held out the possibility that he would be able to have intercourse without implants makes it already a step above the FTM surgery.

  4. ftm surgry can make a penis quite similar to a natural functioning penis.. it depends on da doctor.. if da doctor is da best ur result will be da best. (it definitely not the same as a real, live, working, “natural” male penis. It doesn’t look the same or act the same) this was not a good coment u gave.!! it will disapoint da transgenders ..let da GOD and doctors decide about this.we have no ryt to give opinions on wat we are not sure off. even though i am not a transgender. but i do care about others feeling. thanks alot.