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Al’s Win?

About Al Wynn, from the previous post. Remember when I posted about Maryland’s voting machine fiasco during last week’s primary? Naturally the votes are still being counted. Not only that, they’re coming out of the woodwork. Like the ones that just turned up in Prince George’s County, one of the two that had voting machine problems on voting day.

In Montgomery and Prince George’s counties yesterday, election officials continued to count the thousands of paper provisional ballots that could determine the outcome of the 4th Congressional District Democratic primary race between incumbent U.S. Rep. Albert R. Wynn and challenger Donna Edwards. Prince George’s officials yesterday cracked opened 26 machines and retrieved votes that had not been counted.

That’s interesting enough all by itself, in a close race between a challenger and an incumbent. But it’s even more interesting when that incumbent has an exchange like this one on the House floor.

BARTON: Down in Texas, we had a Democratic primary about 50 years ago that Lyndon Johnson won by 54 votes. And he got the nickname “Landslide Lyndon.” We have Mr. Wynn next. He had a little bit of a tussle last week, but he did win. And so, I want to recognize “Landslide Wynn” for any opening statement that he wishes…

WYNN: Well, thank you very much, Mr. Chairman. In fact, they’re still counting, but we’re quite optimistic. And I did take a couple pages out of Lyndon’s book, so if I win, it can be attributed to Texas know-how.


(UNKNOWN): Did you (inaudible)?

BARTON: I hope not. I hope you win fair and square.


WYNN: A win is a win.

Say what?

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