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Getting Local

You might have noticed a change on the sidebar in the last day or so. After yesterday’s post, I got to thinking that it would be good for me to start learning a bit more about local and state politic in my area. We’ve been homeowners in Maryland for almost three months, and don’t plan on going anywhere until our kids are out of high school at the least. Considering that one’s not quite four, and the other isn’t here yet, we’re pretty much here for the long haul. It time to commit. So I’m stickin’ a toe in the water.

I stopped by Lefty Blogs and grabbed the Maryland blog feed for my sidebar, subscribed to some the RSS feeds while I was there, and added a few to the blogroll.

New to the blogroll are:

That’s a start, but I’m sure there’ll be more. I don’t know that I’m morphing into a state-focused blogger, since there will always be some broad national issues that are big concerns for me, but it is my back yard and it is an opportunity to learn about issues beyond the usual set I focus on. I’ve had a chance to meet some candidates, including the Democratic Senate nominee for my district (who’s already getting hate mail) and House of Delegates candidate I spent some time talking with. We put up yard signs for both, and both won their primaries.

And with a Republican governor and a Republican U.S. Senate candidate to defeat, I think it’s going to take a bit more than yard signs. So maybe it’s time to see what I can also do to help out closer to home.