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Adult ADD Awareness

Whoops. Wednesday was ADD Awareness Day. Seeing as how I’m loaded with it, I guess it’s appropriate that I’d find out several days later. It also took me about that long to come across the article in Tuesday’s Washington Post Express about possible links between smoking, lead exposure and ADD. We already know lead exposure isn’t good for the brain, so the connection to ADD isn’t much of a surprise. What jumped out at me from the Express article, though, was this blurb.

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Now, I’m not going to dispute that number. I just want to add one fact that usually gets left out: some children with ADD grow up to be adults with ADD. About 70% to 30% of them, in fact. I won’t go into the experience of living with untreated ADD into adulthood, as I’ve explored it in archived posts. I just wish that it would get mentioned more often that adults can have it too. After all, children with ADD often grow up to be adults with ADD. Then it might be less common to run into someone who says they don’t “believe in” adult ADD (or ADD itself), and easier for those of us who didn’t get help as children to get it as adults.

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