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Bigotry Bye Bye

Jasmyne is ringing the alarm. I was otherwise occupied this week, and missed the chance to join in a successful repeat of the LIFEbeat campaign, that got Buju Banton cancelled in LA. Buju Banton, for those who don’t know is infamous for gay-bashing lyrics like “Boom Bye Bye”.

(Woman is di) Greatest thing
God ever put pon di land
Buju lovin dem from head
Down to foot bottom
But some man a turn around
Where dem get that from
Peter is not for Janet
Peter is for John
Suzette is not for Paul
Suzette is for Ann
Where the bobocloth
Dem get dat from
Here come the DJ
Name Buju Banton
(Come fi) ((Straighten yuh talk?))

(Boom boom boom) Boom bye bye
Inna batty bwoy head
Rude bwoy no promote the nasty man
Dem haffi dead
Boom bye bye
Inna batty bwoy head
Rude bwoy no promote no batty man
Dem haffi dead

“Batty bwoy” is an anti-gay slur used in the Caribbean. The rest, well, you can figure out for yourself. And despite a statement that he doesn’t perform the song anymore, he performed it in the U.S. earlier this year. I guess politicians are the only ones getting busted on YouTube these days.

But it’s not over. Jasmyne says Beenie Man is scheduled to perform in LA in October. Beenie man (recently married, BTW) is known for the the song “Han Up Deh,” which Keith described a while back.

In Beenie Man’s song “Han Up Deh,” he says, “Hang chi chi gal wid a long piece of rope.” The term “chi chi” is a Jamaican reference to homosexuality. The term is often used to refer to “chi chi men” but can also refer to lesbians (chi chi women or chi chi girls). Loosely translated, the lyrics mean, “Hang lesbians with a long piece of rope.”

For info on just how celebrating anti-gay violence in music plays out in real life, check out the Human Rights Watch Report “Homophobia, Violence, and Jamaica’s HIV/AIDS Epidemic”. Then there are the murders of gay Jamaican HIV/AIDS activists like Lenford Harvey and Brian Williamson, not to mention many more.

Jasmyne includes info for people to contact the Century Club in LA about Beenie Man’s performance.

Thank you to everyone who called, emailed, and faxed letters requesting the cancellation of this concert, but the battle isn’t over.

Beenie Man is still scheduled to perform on Sunday, October 22, 2006 at the Century Club.

Contact the General Manager of the Century Club by calling (310) 553-6000.

The email address is Faxes can be sent to (310) 553-1059.

Demand that the Beenie Man concert be cancelled immediately.

Looks like I’ve got an email to write.

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