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Putting the Chicken Before the Egg

Not that I ever need an excuse to eat Ben & Jerry's ice cream, but I have one now that they've switched to cage free eggs.

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  1. I think people going with free-range eggs is great in the sense that it shows awareness of the inhumane conditions chickens live in. Unfortunately, free-range isn’t the savior it seems to be. Here’s a link to a PDF flyer about what they call the free-range myth.

    Ben & Jerry’s has some vegan options – their sorbets, which are delicious. But if you’re set on ice cream over sorbet, Soy Delicious puts me in a trance. I honestly don’t remember what ice cream tastes like, but I know SD, IMO, is as good as taste gets. Plus it’s all healthy & stuff. 🙂

    Not trying to be a bubble-buster – I just wanted to throw in the food for thought. Pun intended.