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Friday Random Ten – The “Tortured Soul” Mix

There’s one story I haven’t touched all week: the torture compromise. I stayed away from it for two reasons: (1) because it was already thoroughly covered by every major progressive blog in existence, and (2) I got tired of blogging about torture it once realized that a majority of Americans supported it anyway. Turns out I was almost right. Nearly half of Americans support the use of torture. Oh well. I can take some comfort in knowing that the entire House delegation from Maryland voted against torture, including the Republicans.

Torture. That’s who we are now. That’s what we want. Might as well enjoy the music.

  1. Fire up the MP3 player.
  2. Randomize the collection.
  3. Gimme ten.

Here’s mine.

  1. Give Your Hands To The Struggle from the album “In This Land” by Sweet Honey In The Rock
  2. Sunset (Bird of Prey) from the album “Why Try Harder: The Greatest Hits” by Fatboy Slim
  3. Sky Fits Heaven (Victor Calderone Remix Edit) from the album “Drowned World/Substitute For Love (Single) (Disc 2)” by Madonna
  4. William, It Was Really Nothing from the album “Singles” by The Smiths
  5. Unwritten from the album “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield
  6. Rapture (K-klassic Mix) from the album “Remixed Remade Remodeled” by Blondie
  7. S.O.S from the album “Gold” by ABBA
  8. We All Sleep Alone from the album “Cher Greatest Hits” by Cher
  9. Jam For The Ladies from the album “18” by Moby Feat. MC Lyte & Angie Stone
  10. Give It To Me Baby from the album “Funk Classics – The 70’s” by Rick James

Oh. And the answer to last week’s bonus question: number three.


  1. Ooh, I get to participate in the Friday Random Ten for the first time. Yay!

    1. Where or When, Frank Sinatra, from The Portrait of the Sinatra.
    2. Sleepwalk, Brian Setzer Orchestra, from The Dirty Boogie
    3. Love is Like a Butterfly, Dolly Parton, from Dolly Parton Super Hits
    4. Sir Duke, Stevie Wonder, from The Definitive Collection
    5. Knee Deep in the Blues, Marty Robbins, The Essential Marty Robbins
    6. Urge for Going, Joni Mitchell, Hits
    7. Another Lonely Night, Roy Clark, Greatest Picks & New Hits
    8. The Very Thought of You, Billie Holiday, Love Songs
    9. Sunny Afternoon, Jimmy Buffet, Fruitcakes
    10. Begging to You, Marty Robbins, The Essential Marty Robbins

  2. The opinion polls are torturing me.