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Foley Follow-Up

I really had intended to blog about something other than Predatorgate today, but konagod asked a question in the comments that I found myself asking yesterday.

Actually, what I’m REALLY waiting on is some comment or interview with the parents of the kid. I’d like to hear WHY they never felt compelled to pursue this.

The way I had it explained to me goes something like this. First, these are political people, wealthy and well-connected. That’s why their kid got into the congressional page program in the first place. It’s not like just anyone can apply. They have to be nominated by a representative. Which means somebody has to be well-connected and/or influential enough to get them a recommendation.

Second, it’s like that quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald, “The rich are very different from you and me.” Things work very differently for them. Where you and I might have to turn to law enforcement or the media to get action, these folks are accustomed to getting what they want by making a few phone calls and having other very important people “take care of it.” It’s usually very easy for them to make problems like this go away, with little more effort than that.

It didn’t work this time, and thus we’re hearing about it. If the parents’ connections had been able to “make it go away,” we’d be talking about the Woodward book right now. Instead, there’s just more news about Foley.

For starters, we may know a bit more about whether he’s single or not.

There’s also news now that Republicans knew about Foley as early as 2001.

Nobody’s sure who’s to blame.

But at least a few think it’s a vast liberal conspiracy.

One conservative claimed that if Republicans had responded too vigorously, they’d have been accused of gay-bashing. So, again, it’s the fault of liberals and political correctness.

Another conservative claims it’s all just liberal gay-bashing, and then turns around and paints all gay men as pedophiles. But it’s OK because some of his closest friends are pedophiles gay. He even goes so far as to suggest Barney Frank come to Foley’s defense, which would be appropriate if Foley had come clean and faced the music as Frank did, instead of choosing to “cut and run.”

Other conservatives think it’s because the GOP has been seduced into supporting “pro-homosexual” policies.

All of which leads me to reconsider my suspicion that this is really a right wing attempt to distract attention from their many other failings, mainly because I can’t believe even they would be dumb enough to want this in the news in the lead-up to an election and because they can’t seem to get their story “straight” on who’s responsible or what it means.


  1. Foley and the Republicans thought they were home free after the Repo leadership agreed to suppress this information last year (to protect their majority and his seat), and nothing got out. Really, when you think about it, this was an amazing conspiracy of silence that worked for an unusually long time in Washington (I’m re-rethinking the Kennedy assassination). It could not have worked without the collusion of the pages’ parents. But I suspect someone with a conscience broke, and it may very well have been a Republican. Thank god (little “g”) for that. Perhaps there is still hope for our Republic.

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