The Republic of T.

Black. Gay. Father. Vegetarian. Buddhist. Liberal.

I Am Dubya

You Are Most Like George W. Bush

So what if you’re not exactly popular? You still rule the free world.
And while you may be quite conservative now, you knew how to party back in the day!

This test is flawed, obviously.


  1. Seriuosly flawed. I got the same result. Ugh.

  2. I got the same result, so it is not just flawed but deeply so.

  3. Oh, HELL naw, I’m not taking that test.

  4. Oh man… sounds like it’s time for an intervention.

  5. I don;t know what everyine is complaining about. I can accept that I am most like Clinton. p.s. : W??? T. we hardly knew ye! Repent! lol

  6. damn i got Bush too? I think that quote was the deciding factor. Ugh!

  7. Holy cats, I got JFK!

  8. You Are Most Like Bill Clinton

    No doubt, your legacy may be a little seedier than you’d like.

    But even though you’ve done some questionable things, you’re still loved by almost all.

    (I can live with that)