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Friday Random Ten – The “Garden State” Edition

It’s that time again.

  1. iTunes, iPod, etc. Whatever ya got, start it up.
  2. Mix it all up.
  3. Hit me with 10.

I’ll show you mine.

  1. You Are My Friend from the album “The Original Hits” by Sylvester
  2. Out of Touch from the album “Sounds of the Eighties: 1984” by Hall & Oates
  3. Give Your Hands To The Struggle from the album “In This Land” by Sweet Honey In The Rock
  4. Imagine from the album “Peace – Back By Popular Demand” by pergolas Garden Keb’ Mo’
  5. Got To Give It Up (Part 1) from the album “Boogie Nights” by Marvin Gaye
  6. Games People Play from the album “A One of a Kind Love Affair: The Anthology (disc 2)” by The Spinners
  7. If You Knew/Let It Be Me from the album “Let It Be Me” by Nina Simone
  8. Love One Another (Junior Vasquez’ Trance to Dance Remix) from the album “Album” by Amber
  9. I Learned From The Best (Hq2 Mix) from the album “The Greatest Hits (Disc 2)” by Whitney Houston
  10. The Humpty Dance from the album “Old School Rap” by Digital Underground

Show me yours?

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