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Faith-Based Blinders

I wrote earlier that author David Kuo seems to have stumbled through Washington politics wearing a major set of faith-based blinders. Now he says he didn't know about Virginia's anti-gay marriage amendment. Literally didn't know if was on the ballot until election day. You gotta be fucking kidding me. I mean to live in Virginia and not know that? You either have to be working very hard at not paying attention or just not giving a shit. Given his comment in the same post that it "doesn't look like bigotry," suggests that it's probably a case of the latter as much as the former. 


  1. I can hear the crickets chirping on David’s Kuo’s blog…

    I’ve made three requests under three different threads for him to engage in the discussion. Guess I’ll stop now as I’ve apparently gotten a non-answer, which, of course, is an answer.

  2. He answered in a non-answering way….. If you care – go to the “Mysterious Marriage” entry to read his kabuki dance answer.