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Equality in South Africa

Well, they went and done it. South Africa, formerly the land of apartheid is the next country to take a giant step ahead of the land of the (almost) free and the (not so often) brave as the parliament approves legislation recognizing same-sex marriage. No surprise, given that South Africa's post-apartheid constitution was the first to include language barring discrimination based on sexual orientation. The first. in the constitution. That doesn't mean South African gays don't face violence and murder. My guess is that it's due in no small part to the religion that colonialism brought to Africa, which makes me think Elton John might be on to something. After all, wouldn't South African gays be better off without it? 


  1. hmmmmmmm…let’s see….south africa was once a beacon of bigotry and discrimination not too long ago. now, they have same sex marriage….can we say “light speed progress”? we are 141 years out of chattle slavery in the U.S. and we still don’t have all of our civil and human rights. does some one see the irony in this?

  2. Nah. My experience is that since 9/11 Americans don’t “do” irony anymore.

  3. W0000000000000000000000000000000tttttttttttttttt!!!

    I am so hugely proud to be South African today.

    Elly and I are seriously considering getting married out there (again: when we have our honeymoon back home next year.