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I’m an A-List Blogger

This can’t be right.

A-List Blogger

It’s a cute bit of blog fun, but I have a feeling that if certain people entered their URLs, they’d ruin the curve for the rest of us. And, actually, after taking a look at the criteria for each level, I’m just a few incoming links away from getting busted back down to B-List, at the very least.

Cute, but not to be taken seriously if it’s likely you’ll be brought back down to earth, quickly.


  1. Feel free to add me to yours? as I’m only a C-lister

  2. And a little further down the food chain you’ll find me.

  3. Sorry the HTML didn’t post.

    I’m a D-List blogger

  4. Well, hey, enjoy the little things in life. 🙂 Congratulations on your A!

  5. BWAHAHAHAHA! It says I’m a C lister. I’m closer to a Z lister for crying out loud. It makes me wonder if anyone who has been around longer than a year is automatically an A lister, and who knows what arbitrary assignment they make for the rest.